The Need for Speed: Gravit Designer 3.5 is here
Christian Krammer

Although I have no design tasks in sight for the next months and I’m in a bit of “financial pinch” at the moment, I just made a purchase as an encouragement for you guys! And I’m sure a lot of other people will pay for the PRO version for the same reason.

So, keep up the good work!

Whether I’ll want to renew my subscription or not next year — it is also up to you ;-)

A few observations, though: make horizontal-scroll work on macOS, please keep it running on all platforms, linux *especially*, and — very important — do NOT cripple the non-PRO version. While I’m ok with paying for extra features if/when I need them, I’d hate to be under the impression I did it because I was forced to.

Also, to be honest, I find the the full, non-discounted price of 99/y to be quite steep. That would be as much as Sketch, and you’re not there just yet.