Matchsticks by H_ngm_n

‘Ello world! Just a short one from me today as I’m very busy and have hit a bit of a writers block. The theme being: LISTEN TO THE NEW H_NGM_N SONGS.

That’s right. You heard that. H_ngm_n have got new songs! Brighton’s own dirty emo pop duo have released their highly anticipated track, Matchsticks, along with Ghost recently and it’s safe to say that they’re fucking amazing. Have a listen if you want your ears to be happy. Both tracks are guaranteed to be in your top 10 songs of the year, I promise.

H_ngm_n — Matchsticks

For those who aren’t aware of H_ngm_n you should be. They’re one of the hardest working bands in the UK at the moment and are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Frontman Chris is a genuine dreamboat with a voice of gold, along with guitar playing abilities that make you want to cut your own hands off because you know you’ll never be able to play that well. Drummer James is honestly one of the best drummers I have ever seen live and is also a dreamboat.

The tracks themselves are a bit of a new sound for the duo, seemingly a bit darker than previous releases. That said, they still offer exactly what you’d expect from H_ngm_n (in a good way), sing-along chorus’ and a familiarity in the lyrics that makes you wonder if you are somehow linked mentally with the band. Jumpy guitar riffs still make their appearances really showing the skill of the duo, along with a tightness between the two that equates in stop-and-starts that are seamless. They are seemingly such an effortlessly tight band, which is a skill they really utilise.

With all this in mind, you can have a listen to Matchsticks here and Ghost here. I strongly recommend you do so because both tracks will open your eyes to, in my opinion, the best band in Brighton, if not the south coast of England. That said though, feel free to form your own opinion, as after all, you CAN form your own opinion, mate, and no one’s gonna stop you! (See what I did there..?)

Either way, enjoy the tracks and I’ll be back next week with a hopefully longer post. See ya later!

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