New Year, New Me…?

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Let me tell you about my resolution for this year. Finding a new me.

Bet you want to skip this whole story just looking at the above headline. The problem is society trivializes the idea of purpose. Now before jumping to conclusions, allow me to clarify my statement above. Try asking someone to define their version of a ‘new me’ and probably they will resort to succinct, self-explanatory answers such as being happy and healthy. This is not to say that those answers are wrong; they are right in their own merits. Yet, it bugs me.

Resolutions are based on what you believe should be done for the betterment of yourself. I have witnessed my colleagues crowding the gym at the beginning of the year with their ambitious fitness plans and diet schemes. However, nearing the end of the first quarter of the year, most of them probably forget their resolutions that they have set themselves earlier that same year. Perhaps, the larger part of the society is not meant to have resolutions; most of them never stick through till the end.

I too am a victim.

That is precisely why I spent some time alone during the first day of the year, jotting down my own list of resolutions with a single clause attached to each one of them: the punishment.

The plan is simple: register the help of my trusted loved one to monitor me. No stalking. No 24/7 surveillance. A simple cooked meal or a treat from the canteen suffices as their incentive. Just make sure to avoid sabotage.

Plan B is to restrict myself from the pleasures of life. An example of my resolution is to always drink 8 glasses of water a day, so if I cannot finish my drink, I am not allowed to indulge in my weekly bubble tea.

Fingers crossed, I hope that this year will be different and I can truly fulfill the goals that I have set on myself.

Another intriguing idea that caught my attention as I scrolled through Linkedin (I couldn’t seem to track down the link, apologies on my part) was incorporating resolutions into a vision board.

Think of it this way: everyone has their own pace, their clock of life.

Having a vision board not only eliminates the time-sensitive resolutions (or missions), it allows the person to exercise his/her own caution and determination to reach that vision whenever he/she sees fit. Through the course of the year, you might not realize the gazillion lemons that might be thrown at your direction. Essentially, the vision board helps to get you back on track at your own pace.

Needless to say, the notion of change for the better has always been the primary reason cited for people to take action at the beginning of each incoming year. As such, as long as people are reminded of what they have noted as points of change, it is entirely possible for them to make the step, no matter how small it is, forward towards achieving the change for their own betterment.

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