PLAY BY THE RULES by Pastor Mensah Otabil

And Samuel said to Saul, “You have done foolishly. You have not kept the commandment of the LORD your God, which He commanded you.” 1 Samuel 13:13

The moment we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, we are enrolled in a spiritual race. One of the mandates of any competition is that we play by the rules or we will be disqualified. This is true in every race, but perhaps especially so in the spiritual one.

1 Samuel 13:13

First Samuel gives us the story of King Saul, a man who did not play by the rules. He began his reign in victory and ended in humiliating defeat. He lost his character, power, crown, and in the end, his very life. Based on Saul’s life, let us share some few principles on how NOT to win the spiritual race.

* Ignore The Little Things. Saul’s failure was not immediate, but then pride turned into envy, and he ignored what God had plainly told him to do. Likewise, it is not for us to pick and choose what parts of the Bible we like and don’t like. We are to obey God even in the smallest matters, because “small” sins turn into big sins. They certainly did for Saul.

* Never Take Responsibility For Your Actions. More than once Saul blamed others for his own bad choices. Saul just wanted to save face. He forgot that no matter what, God knows the truth.

* Get Jealous, Be Driven By Hatred. Saul’s animosity ultimately destroyed him. He became jealous when God anointed and began using David, the young shepherd boy. We need to understand that God chooses whom He will choose. Don’t let jealousy and hatred destroy you.

God has given you, like Saul, potential. He has given you certain talents and gifts. It is up to us to run the race well and play by the rules. Don’t get disqualified. Don’t allow disobedience, pride, jealousy and hatred to destroy your future. Walk by the Spirit and play by the rule.

Prayer: Lord, guide me and lead me in all your ways so that I will not be disqualified in the end.

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 13:1–15