Go Green this Summer — icGlamour

The only thing that feels refreshing in this sweltering heat is the lush greenery surrounding us. Even though neutrals are very popular in Europe, UK and the US, fashion lovers are becoming more open to wearing colour. International celebrities have shown their love for dazzling hues of green by wearing them to formal and casual events. Cate Blanchett looked breathtaking in a pastel green gown at the Oscars 2016. Meanwhile, Molly Quinn wore a printed green dress to ‘Lights Out’ premiere just last month.

Pakistani fashion designers have wisely followed their lead. You can check out the latest collections of these Pakistani designers at icGlamour. Asim Jofa remains one of the finest fashion designers in Pakistan bringing out delectable lawn collections every summer. If you haven’t had the chance, then grab one of his latest offerings from Asim Jofa collection 2016 at icGlamour.

Going with the exciting green theme this year, the brilliant designer has managed to mesmerize us again by incorporating it in Asim Jofa collection 2016. His genius showcases eye catching lime greens that go so well with blue and orange in one gorgeous piece. That would be a wonderful option for young ladies and teenagers who want something special for a festive occasion. We see golden greens contrasting with magentas toned down with a cream background in another outfit.

This one would suit ladies who prefer a bit more subtlety in their dress choice but desire something fresh to liven up the mood. We don’t just spot warm greens in Asim Jofa collection 2016. For those of you who have cool toned porcelain skin, warm bright shades would be a tad too much. This collection lawn collection brings blue toned greens like teals and mints, which are refreshing yet not too overpowering. One particular design in Asim Jofa collection 2016 at icGlamour displays bottle green coupled with a baby pink.

You can’t go wrong with green this lawn season!