Life:Live it,don’t waste it.

It’s a one time game,thats can be played by Ur own rules.

It’s the way U live it,not the way U die.

Live for Ur passions,live for Ur dreams,live for Ur kingdom,live for the every breath of Urs that means a lot to for those who inspired U.

Somethings are lot more important in life to live such as Ur feelings,Ur purpose,for Ur perfect smile.

Trust me that is happiness.

Live everyday of Ur life,as if its Ur end today.never stop living it.

Don’t waste Ur one life fighting for some silly reasons.fight for Ur right to live Ur life.

Travel the world,explore the world,do the things U love.which makes U alive every single day.

Start doing things which never makes U to stop doing it.

Love.Live.Lets Smile.

Enjoy Ur day.

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