HoloLens Challenge #3: Wizard Battle

James Ashley
Aug 3, 2016 · 2 min read

The Challenge: Use speech or gestures to trigger a Mixed Reality Magic Spell on HoloLens.

From Harry Potter to Star Wars to the new Doctor Strange movie, we know that certain special people can spray magic effects from their finger tips — and now we muggles can do it, too, with HoloLens.

Fire off magic spells with a whisper or a flick of your finger. Go all Sorcerer's Apprentice or just shoot a 1st level magic missile. It doesn’t matter what. Unity provides the particle engine you need to get the job done.

For extra points, support two coordinated HoloLenses for a full-blown wizard battle.

(Special plea: please share your work-in-progress on Facebook so we can all learn and be inspired by each other.)

The Rules:
1. You have three weeks to complete this challenge. (Due Aug 23).

2. You must create a video demonstrating your solution to the challenge by Tuesday, 12 PM PST on Youtube or Vimeo and let us know about it on the HoloLens Developers Facebook page. Please use the ‪#‎hololens_challenge‬ hashtag so we can find you and know you are participating in the challenge.

3. As with Highlanders, there can be only one. The best solution will be announced on Wednesday and selected by a shadowy group of Silicon Valley power brokers, Russian hackers, and summer interns.
Good luck!

Special thanks to the interns from the Neolution organization for fetching coffee and sandwiches all week.

James Ashley

Written by

Mixed Reality engineer. AI enthusiast. I wrote my first chatbot in 2007 on Vista SAPI to play Zork with voice commands. Still working on a port to MR headsets.

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