A great candidate experience relies on great interaction quality.

Chris Raw
Chris Raw
Apr 26 · 4 min read
Companies should focus more on interaction quality by using automated communication to keep candidate commitment high in today’s world of the casual candidate.

Interaction counts

In my last company, we defined interaction quality as a key driver for improving candidate NPS. It helps candidates know that they are being dealt with on a basic level and delivers on a promise you invested in when you apply for a new role. Candidate experience is like trying on the clothes giving an insight into the type of employer experience you can expect. It’s all one journey right?!

Can Conversational Interfaces (CI) fill in the blanks?

I believe they can. Especially after reading a great article on Social Media Today. stating that “messages sent via bots have much higher open and click-through rates than email. Conversational Interfaces (CI) can have click-through rates ranging from 15%-60%, and even the lower end of that spectrum well surpasses the average email marketing CTR (which is only about 4%)(Original source: Chatbot Magazine / Smart Insights).

Automating Interaction

We are already at the stage where we can automate parts of a tiring, hiring journey. Not only to please the candidate with a seamless experience, but also take some of the burdens from the recruiter. When you can do this, you really focus on value add tasks like building better relations with the business and consulting / coaching candidates to be at the top of their game. Give your stakeholder what they actually want and need to make more commitment. Better relationships and more air-time.

Frequency & Recency = Candidate Value

  • RecencyHow recently did the candidate interact?
  • FrequencyHow often do they interact?

Explore your use cases

Spending time figuring out where you might want to create more interaction could be areas like FAQs, opt-in, chat application, interview logistics or even pulse surveys. These use cases along with other microtasks are becoming more frequently explored by employers looking to engage candidates throughout the hiring process.

Efficiency is experience

The potential efficiency gains are real. Not only for your recruiter grey hair count, but also for the candidate experience. Gartner’s recent CHRO quarterly report said we are entering the age of the casual candidate. Automation of these microtasks with a sprinkle of relevant content can still create the commitment you need to fill your pipeline with great talent. Email is still going to be used for a long time yet, and chat might not replace that channel, but like any good partnership — one can help the other be more effective by giving choice to the candidate rather than a one size fits all approach.

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