Wework: Creator awards (Austin)

Image By Ichha Gandhi

My Experience at Wework Creator Awards was startlingly impressive. This event is worth attending. It an initiative by WeWork and they “recognize and reward the creators of the world.” Called the Creator Awards. 
Throughout 2017, WeWork is pledging to give $20M to creators working hard to make an effective difference in this crazy mad world.
There are millions of creators who are passionate and full of purpose who need the right direction. There is no adequate system to recognize, reward, or support the ideas, businesses, and organizations. Well, I guess now there is…Don’t let anything stop you from putting yourself/your ideas out there. 90% of our ideas are worthless!! but that 10% can work like magic.

Like Wework says “Do What You Love”.

Next Stop- London https://creatorawards.wework.com