My Boot camp Experience (Day 3)

OK guys, so today ends the second part of the boot camp which is the home sessions. The first being the one day self-learning clinic held at the Akintola Williams Deloitte building. Before the end of today, those who scaled through to the third stage will be contacted. I hope my bit is enough to get me to the next stage, regardless I am proud of my participation in this boot camp; and can definitely say I am a better student and computer programmer. My attitude to work in general has improved greatly and the boot camp program has definitely been one of the most tasking training I have undergone in a while. I have learnt in just a week what I would normally have learned in a month; I am excited and thrilled that I participated in the boot camp. Of course there is more work to be done to be that world class developer that I crave but I am moving forward.

There are more assignments to be completed for the day, which involves building a command line program that request and receives data from any public API (Application Programming Interface). Before the assignment, APIs comes up at times in my studies but never bothered to find out what it actually was. Well I had to do all that; luckily a quick Google lookup provided me a tutorial on how to go about my assignment and I also had to make use of HTTP (Hyper-text Transfer Protocols) client libraries. A Google lookup also provided me with a short Code Academy tutorial on how to use these client libraries. Note that I have never used these before in the course of my programming experience; it was no easy task but I was able to pull through.

Miss Seyi, my group’s boot camp facilitator has been so helpful. Giving advising on how to improve and apply myself to my work. She shared website pages that tactfully explained things I didn’t have a full grasp of.

Whatever the outcome my performance in the boot camp so far provides me. I am sure to continue to work hard and apply myself in my quest to be a world class developer. Till we meet again, remain blessed.

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