Another month gone and nothing accomplished yet

Yes, this is Me Zahra

A young girl how ask always why I didn’t Done anything important in my life

Always the same girl with the same look the same level in school and the same 2 friends that I didn’t see for 4 months ago !!!

But as they always said “you should find your goal “but I remember I started writing those goals before 4 years but noting accomplished yet

Yes I’m better than some people that I live with but also I know other people that accomplished something in their life.

They created their company

They wrote novels

They help people around the world

They have a knowledge in many sciences

In conclude They found their dreams that they fight for

But the good news that this article is in my list wishes for accomplished

And I ‘m glade that I know Medium because it gives the power to start thinking differently for changing my life .

So Now let’s go to the nice part is that to share my 3 goals for this year:

->Get my graduation in computer science.

->Start creating my new site web .

->Writing 2 article in month in my lovely Medium .

If you had any advices to me that would help me please write to me in comment ;)

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