Making money is an essential part of any business. To create more profit, many companies try to build a more customer-centric culture — they try to deliver a personalized experience and create an excellent customer service strategy.

Good user experience design is about providing the users with seamless, enjoyable interactions with products.

The more real-life experience I gain the more I realize how important the concept of feedback is for becoming a better human, designer and creating valuable experiences. Half way into my summer design journey, I’m sharing a few hidden nuggets you may be missing out on if you don’t value and receive good user feedback;

▪️Easily uncover bugs.
If you’ve experienced Product Managers who were deathly afraid of shipping anything that was less than perfect, they want to test it again and again and again until they’ve ironed out every single bug, you’d know the struggle. …

Trying to build a web product without a solid wire-frame is like trying to build a house without blueprints. Having a solid set of wire frames helps keep the team on track as they build the product, but also reassures you, and all stakeholders, that your project is going in the right direction. It’s also a major time saver in the long run. And who doesn't like that?

— —

Wire frames push usability to the forefront and using them is a strong way to illustrate the layout of pages and the functionality of the elements on the page.


A lot of people tend to think that branding and marketing are the same thing. But a brand is much more than its marketing. A brand is the marketplace's perception of all of the interactions with your business including marketing, customer service, product performance, and any other customer touch points. It is also the value proposition you promise to always deliver to your current and potential customers.

Now let's talk about those pillars;

    Think of your brand like a person. The trick is to 'make friends' with your customers by being as true to your brand personality as possible. Having…

Are you thinking about brand design — as a business owner, entrepreneur, or a logo designer? Whether you are a client (business owner) looking to up your brand visual representation, or you are a designer that has been contracted to create an identity for a brand. Having a process has been one of the most secure ways to get the most out of your brand identity. As a creative, sticking to your process is a proven way to ensure that the flow is on point. …

“Africa rising” is a term that came into play because of the sudden boom it experienced in the early 2000s but this has caused the continent’s pioneers to ignore other sectors focusing only on the one which showed little progress. The ‘Africa rising’ narrative will only become a reality when the continent’s entire population can share in its wealth. (Mgendi, 2016). According to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” — (Mandela, 2003), but it is rather unfortunate that activist ignores the education sector in some parts of Africa. It is…

Uchechukwu Onyeka

I help my teams design data-informed lovable products and achieve business goals for a better humane experience.

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