Analyzing their relationship


Correlation — short for Pearson correlation- measures strength of linear relationship between two numeric attributes. (.7 usually representing strong relationship)

If we take the example of Body Mass Index (BMI) we can see how correlation and linear regression are related.

Essentially BMI takes number of attributes as…

I. Basics:

Columns — store specific pieces of information about the employee attributes (name, gender, age, id). Rows — store information about individual employee. Rows are also called records.

Create a table: Specify the columns by stating their names, data types and constraints (if any). Specify any table constraints that the table…

The parameter weekday is True if it is a weekday, and the parameter vacation is True if we are on vacation. We sleep in if it is not a weekday or we’re on vacation. Return True if we sleep in.

def sleep_in(weekday, vacation):
if not weekday or vacation…

I. What are Neural Networks?

Neural networks are very much like their name — network of neurons — used to process information. In Data Science — these artificial neural networks are used process information resulting in accurate results.

It is the ability of neural networks to learn complex mappings of input data to useful attribute…

For Full Description and Even better Explanations go to:

Question 1: Accept two int values from the user and return their product. If the product is greater than 1000, then return their sum

def multiplication_or_sum(num1, num2):
product = num1 *num2
if(product < 1000):
return product
return num1 +num2

number1 = int(input("Enter first number "))
number2 = int(input("Enter second number"))

result = multiplication_or_sum(number1, number2)
print("The result is", result)

Question 2: Given a range of numbers. Iterate from o^th number to the end number and print the sum of the current number and previous number

def sumNum(num):

Latent Dirichlet allocation

Topic modeling is an unsupervised machine learning method that can be applied to any type of text — websites, blogs, research papers — to discover hidden semantic structures.

You can view it as a type of Dimension Reduction, where Topic modeling builds a cluster of words instead…

Some sample examples of Questions from Hackerrank

Query all columns for all American cities in CITY with populations larger than 100000. The CountryCode for America is USA

WHERE CountryCode = 'USA' AND Population > 100000

Query the names of all American cities in CITY with populations…


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and it is the protocol used by the World Wide Web. HTTP defines how messages are formatted and transmitted as well as action serves and browsers take in response to commands.

HTTP can be seen as a set of rules for transferring files —…

Tutorial and Guide for SQL —

Our reference table will be called baseball containing columns for player name, position, and salary

Select all columns and rows from a table

SELECT * FROM baseball;

To select columns you want — we can list the columns.

SELECT name, position, salary from baseball;

I. Classifications

In Classification a simple and frequently used algorithm is Nearest Neighbor

A. Nearest Neighbor

Nearest Neighbor finds the “nearest example” in the training data and chooses the label associated with that nearest example.

If you want to classify what grade Student X is in – find the person closest (by distance) to Student…


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