An Open Letter to the Persons Currently Controlling the United States Government

To Whom It May Concern:

Less than a month has passed since the new administration has been elected (and I use the term “elected” in the most liberal sense of the word). Sure, the argument could be made that they won nonetheless, so they should be permitted to put forth their party’s policies. Some of you seem to push the idea that you would have indeed won the popular vote had so many people not voted illegally, but fail to provide any evidence of this. Tallying the votes for both the Presidential Election and the Congressional elections, the party ideology that controls the policy decisions of the United States until at least 2018 did not receive a plurality of votes.

However, I think that most of you are forgetting that all elected officials are public servants. Your jobs are given to you by the people, so we expect you to act on our behalf and in our best interests. Your actions since the election have shown that you appear to be forgetting your role as a public servant.

During the confirmation hearings of Betsy DeVos (an individual who could not agree to equal accountability for private schools receiving public funding and whose family has contributed millions to the senators that confirmed her position), phone lines were tied up and thousand upon thousands of e-mails and letters were received opposing her appointment as Secretary of Education. The same can be said for Jefferson Sessions appointment as Attorney General, a man that was considered to be too racist to serve as a federal judge.

Additionally, a majority of those polled believe that climate change is a problem and we should place limits on the emissions that are the cause. Further on that point, if we rely on those most informed and educated on the issue, it appears that there is a 97% consensus by climate scientists that humans are a major contributing factor to global climate change. The previous administration worked toward negotiating and ratifying the Paris Agreement. Since taking office, many of you have advocated for withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and, even further, reducing regulations placed by the Environmental Protection Agency that protect the environment from unnecessary emissions from coal, oil, and gas mining/drilling.

On another issue, the majority of the population does not support the border wall between Mexico and the United States. And, it should be noted that this poll took place at a time when the promise was that Mexico would pay for it, not the current position where the United States taxpayers must bear the burden.

You have taken questionable positions regarding Russia which has led the majority to believe that there should be investigations in to links between the Executive and Russia. However, those of you that have the power to investigate the Executive branch’s ties to Russia seem hesitant to examine what exactly is happening.

Again, a majority of the persons polled do not support actions taken by the Executive banning travel for members of certain nations. There have been questions raised about the constitutionality of such a ban and suit has been filed in the judiciary to litigate this matter. But that hasn’t stopped some of you from continuing to fight to support something the public does not want.

On another front, there have been moves to defund Planned Parenthood and to limit women’s access to abortion services. Furthermore, among you there has been a movement decrying Roe v. Wade, begging for it to be overturned. However, it appears that a vast majority of the population agree with the Supreme Court’s decision in 1973 and even further, a majority of those polled do not agree with cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.

Those of you in control have been constantly fighting to remove the Affordable Care Act. Is it perfect? No, and the majority of the population agrees with you on that issue. However, the majority of those polled didn’t want it to be repealed and replaced, they want you to keep it and make changes.

Again, during the campaigns, the majority of voters supported background checks for all gun sales, limiting access to firearms for those with severe mental illnesses, and barring purchase for those individuals on federal watch lists. But that hasn’t stopped most of you from pushing to remove barriers for those wanting to purchase guns. And honestly, the high amount of homicides by firearms occurring appears to be a uniquely American problem. Other nations which have stricter controls on firearms simply don’t experience nearly the same degree of homicides by firearm.

Considering that the plurality of voters do not prefer the policy decisions that your administration advertised during the election and you have since implemented, which is reflected in the current approval ratings of both Congress and the Executive and, as stated above and cited below, the fact that the controlling party did not win the popular vote for the Executive or the Legislative, it may be time to consider acting instead in the interests of the majority of the population, rather than pushing through unpopular decisions that are met with backlash at every turn. There is a reason that protests are increasing. We are not pleased with the decisions you are making on our behalf. And even if you refuse to act accordingly because it is what the people want, then maybe consider doing it because your re-election may hinge on it.


Grumbling Yeti