Daily Life of ICISTS 2016 Organizing Committee

This is the picture of room 103 in the Creative Learning Building of KAIST at 9am. We see everyone absorbed in their work after the general meeting. Let’s meet some of them.

Q: The daily morning meetings start at 9:10am. Was it difficult to wake up?

Ji-Song Ahn — 16 MD

A: I think I’m still doing okay. I haven’t been late yet and I always wake up at 6:45AM to exercise before the meetings. The mornings are a little busy but it’s bearable since I can rest in the afternoons. I was planning to study some English during the summer break but I haven’t started yet (laughs).

Q: Could you introduce your division and your duties in ICISTS? What is the most difficult aspect of your job?

Byung-Ju Park — 16 CP

A: In the Coordination and Planning (CP) division, I am in charge of inviting speakers for our 3rd topic, Global Treaties. For every 20 emails I send to potential speakers, only one replies back. Also there are times when the speakers eventually pull out and decline during the process of confirming his/her attendance at the conference. I think that this is the hardest part of my work, but on the other hand, it definitely feels like my invested time and effort is worth it when a speaker decides to accept our invitation.

Q: Which session are you most excited for in ICISTS 2016?

Hyun-Seok Jung — 16 FI

A: I am most excited for the Open Talk Session. As the session director, I feel that the Open Talk is like organizing a smaller event within the frame of the larger conference. The other Organizing Committee members plan, organize, etc. within their set divisions but the Open Talk provides a great opportunity to experience working in all the various division settings.

Jae-Hyun Kwak — 16 PR

A: If I wasn’t an Organizing Committee member, I think I would be most excited for the Beer Party as it would provide an opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships without the awkwardness associated with conversing with a stranger.

It is D-26 until ICISTS 2016 “Beyond the Center”. Everyone is doing their best to organize the best conference for participants.

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