Meet the 46 U.S. Senators Who Voted Against Sensible Gun Control Law
Shannon Coulter

Can we get real here? What is sensible gun control law? Can anyone of you screaming about it tell me, please?

Guns don’t keep people. People kill people.

People with different kinds of issues such as emotional, psychiatric, political, racist, medical, family, job, and others.

We should be searching for the root causes and not just cutting the branches and window dressing gun violence!

If by any miracle all the guns are taken away from all Americans, do you for a second believe that will be the end of gun violence? No!!!

People with issues and intent on killing others will find many other ways to get guns into America and use them to kill others.

Besides there are very many better weapons besides guns that can be used to kill others.

One of the most powerful is actually your mind! Yep, your mind is the greatest weapon!

Hint, it is somebody’s mind that created the guns and all weapons!!!

And yet nobody talks about the mind!

So, shall we not be enacting laws for sensible mind control? Since mind is the most dangerous weapon?

Can any of these gun control maniacs please respond and tell me your opinion? Time for a Reality Check!!!