IC Naming is coming back with its revolutionary new version

IC Naming
5 min readMay 21, 2022


In this article, we are going to announce a couple big changes we made regarding IC Naming.

First, changing of the brand name and .icp tld. By doing this we are avoiding vicious competition and protect our users rights, also changing the tld are symbolizing a revolutionary step, preparing for a cross-chained name service in the future that will benefit more users.

Second, improvement of compatibility in the new version, our name service will be compatible with H5 and PC, which supports quota transactions.

Third, a supporting trading market that users can freely buy, sell and trade name quotas.

Last but not least, a community governed system — DAO within our service, we will release governance token to achieve complete community self-governance.

Here is a quick throwback of what IC naming has accomplished so far. At the end of 2021, IC Naming testnet was launched as the first decentralized name service on IC ecosystem. We are the first one who create .icp TLD. In 2022,our mainnet was officially launched and on the same day the number of IC Naming registrations exceeded 5000. In order to make name services more convenient, we released IC Naming extensions for browsers from very early on. Users could access to our service by installing an IC Naming extensions in any browsers. We also partnered with many projects such as Astrox, stoic wallet, ICP Box etc. IC Naming are aiming to be the key carrier of our user’s digital identity in Web 3.0. In March, IC Naming are finally included as the official showcase on Dfinity website.

While we strive to provide high-quality domain name services, we also found something that wasn’t expected. On IC, we are the first one to provide domain name service with .ICP tld and it was unprecedented. However, after our creation, there are other projects that trying to mimic us and providing users with identical tld, which brought a lot confusion and misunderstanding to our users. Also, recently our team found something very disturbing, Dfinity official has purposely displayed ICNS and Plug on their forum, it might be misleading for users to believe that ICNS and Plug are the only legit program on IC. In addition, as a decentralized blockchain, Dfinity official shouldn’t take a stand or express their subjective value.

All of that would be extremely unfair for other developers on IC, and it’s definitely not friendly to maintain a positive environment on IC ecosystem. In order to avoid such confusion and protect our users’ rights. We decide to change our tld. As such we could provide our users an unique, better and cooler experience. We are not just offering you a domain, we are offering you a service that beyond your imagination. As a team we are always advancing ourself and trying to bring our users better experiences, because we know we are capable of being the pioneer and innovator of ic ecosystem.

Now, we would like to announce a difficult decision we made regarding the new version. Our new tld will be “.ic”, and we are currently working on the development of the new version, we believe its going to be release in the very near future. The reason behind this change in names is that we are not just doing a simple change in domain name. But as a way to avoid viscous competition and bring our users a better and unique experience.

Next, some new features and changes that has been made to our new version.

First of all, changes in compatibility: In the old version, our compatibility are quite limited, in order to improve our user experience, the new name service will be compatible with `H5 and PC, and we will also support name transactions and quota transactions. As a way to facilitate the transaction,the name market will be launched soon after the release of the new name. After the launch, IC Naming will be the first name service that offers users a complete and systemic experience from buying, selling, trading and storaging.This will be absolute phenomenal and revolutionary. It will definitely be one of the best trading market you have ever used.

We believe that a name market should offer users a smooth and convenient experience with complete functions and modalities. We are not limiting ourself to just selling a domain name, we offer the service that beyond your imagination.

Second, We hope that IC Naming can be the gateway to Web3, which means that IC Naming is not just a name service on a single blockchain, our prospect is to be a multi-chains compatible platform. We know it sounds incredible, but with IC highly innovative and powerful blockchain technology it is plausible to accomplish that, which is also why we choose IC to start our name service initially. As we know how amazing IC is, we feel the duty to spread the spirit and ideology of IC to the blockchain world and let them know how incredible it is.

We’d always looking for the bigger picture, not just limiting our service on IC, but consider a multi-chains and cross-chains name service to invite more users to enjoy the service that was originated from IC. The establishment of IC Naming are full in line with IC’s values, the unprecedented fast, convenient, cheap service. It’s time to bring the low handling fee and fast experience to other blockchain users,to make more users benefit from IC. Because our goal is to integrate and link the world.

Finally, there is another upcoming change in our new feature: we decided to run IC Naming in the form of Dao. Domain name service is an infrastructure. We believe in the power of community and decentralization. We hope that more people will participate in the governance of ark. We plan to issue governance tokens as reward for people who had contribute themselves in the governance of IC Naming, users can vote on proposals by holding tokens to determine the future development direction of IC Naming.

More details and new activities will be revealed in later articles and tweets. Remember to pay attention and follow our newest update.