As a data scientist, I work for the company that manages 3 generations of site building platforms. And what inspires us about this industry is that there are more than 1.8 billion websites already, and 89% of entrepreneurs claim websites are the most effective tool for attracting clients — much more effective than social media or mobile apps.

And if you check out this article, you’ll see that the segment of websites still has a great potential for growth. One of the factors for growth is the simplicity of current website building tools. And this simplicity is backed by technologies.

15% bonus until March 9th. Become one of 50k most influential people among the millions of website owners.

Until April 19th (or earlier, if the hardcap is reached faster), 500.000.000 tokens are available for sale — at least $200 is all you need to get the most from our ecosystem.

By owning 10.000 UKT or more, you can make use of all the ecosystem’s features and even extend this amount due to the growth of the system.

100 UKT is the minimum purchase. It’s only $2 and gives you some voting or even website personalizing options. But we recommend buying…

Заглядываем в ближайшее будущее на примерах технологий из настоящего.

Часть 1: Ожидания. Какие предпосылки и проблемы у нас есть

Мир меняется, а вслед за ним должны меняться и сайты. Так что время от времени мы сталкиваемся с необходимостью внести в свои сайты косметические и технологические изменения, чтобы они “шли в ногу со временем”.

Как правило, у нас есть целый список базовых “правок”: например, мы хотим поиграться с типографикой, цветовой схемой, а также избавиться от анимации во Flash, которая блокируется современными браузерами, и полностью перейти на HTML5.

В мире насчитывается более 1 миллиарда сайтов. Многие из них так и остались в 2000-х. …

Discovering another application of blockchain. And moving from words to actions with uKit AI project.

The modern web has started with just one website almost 30 years ago. And creating a website, whatever its type, is still a good idea if you want to share some information or offer goods and services. Having a website makes you accessible to everyone, as people don’t need to take extra steps like signing up with a particular social network or downloading one more mobile app. …

Good news for residents of the US, China and to-whom-it-may-concern crypto enthusiasts: UKT was examined by a NY License Attorney and considered to be a utility.

“Hi, I’m a US resident, what is your token status?” is quite a regular question in uKit ICO Telegram group and other social media channels. Since UKT is used as a payment and reward agent in our website personalization ecosystem, it shall be considered as utility — and there should be no restrictions for residents of the US or other countries .

Seeing is believing, right? It’s especially important at the main ICO stage

Today, one of the components of uKit AI, an intelligent website redesign system, is going public. It’s a prototype module for evaluation the beauty of web pages. It combines a neural network and decision trees to imitate the reaction of an ordinary visitor to athe website’s design.

In the future, such a module will evaluate the work of the generative design algorithm, the key element of uKit AI, which will design pages without human involvement relying on the available content and “knowledge” of the difference between a non-effective website and the one aimed at increasing the conversion rate.

The current…

You know the way developers say, “Show me your code, and then we’ll talk.” So, we’re now ready for this talk.

We’ve been in the software development industry for over 12 years and it’s quite obvious to us that code review is the best way to prove the team’s skills and experience and show that everything is transparent about the project.

Here it is, our basic token contract is on GitHub now. Our lead blockchain developer, Oleg Levshin, currently runs the uKit ICO repository on the company account — and will continue to contribute.

Hi there! The main round of our ICO is going to start very soon. Our uKit AI project is designed to handle big tasks, and we have decided to hold a big competition with a good prize fund. Today we are launching a contest for authors, reviewers, bloggers, and webmasters. The prize fund of the contest is $2000. In addition to that, up to 30% of the uKit ICO’s bounty campaign budget will be distributed among all participants.

Spread the word about uKit ICO or make a project review — in any way you like

In December, we made a post announcing that the uKit team is making its way to an ICO with the uKit AI…

Unravelling the mystery of what’s under the hood of the uKit AI project.

Part 1: the Basics

Nothing ever stays the same, and from time to time you need to change some things on your website to keep it up-to-date. Maybe it’s about looks and a renewed color scheme. Maybe there are technical issues — like cancelling Flash blocks and going fully HTML5. Usually, it’s a combination of different reasons.

Since design trends and technology landscape tend to change every couple of years, it would be great to have an assistant that takes away the routine and fastens the website upgrading process.

From February until April, while the uKit ICO will be on, the core members of our team will be busy presenting the product at top events — alongside with developing the product itself, of course.

Whoever you are — a data scientist, blockchain enthusiast, small business website owner or marketing professional — and wherever you’re from, feel free to come and chat with us face to face. Choose the city. Choose the date. Meet uKit AI:

  • See personal demos of our website building products and AI prototypes at work.
  • Ask any questions directly to our team — regarding UKT token

uKit ICO

Boosting website conversion with Artificial Intelligence! Designing dynamic landing pages based on crowd data:

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