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uKit ICO
uKit ICO
Dec 18, 2017 · 4 min read

We’d been staying the most widely-used and known DIY-solution for website building in Eastern Europe for over 12 years until recently, when we got really global with uKit platform 2 years ago. Today everything has come together for our next big stepand the next big thing on the web.

It all started in 2005. As a true startup — just a bunch of guys with an idea that building a website should be as affordable and easy as possible. No investors, no backers (we didn’t even know such words at that time). At first, everything was done with our own resources, and we even had to file one of our servers manually with a hacksaw to make it fit into the rack.

Now we have over 200 servers running in Europe, Asia and North America. For as little as one year, our first builder uCoz got extremely popular on domestic and neighbouring markets and by 2010 we received over 1 million active websites. Later, we merged with the famous “Narod” hosting and doubled the number of active sites on our platforms.

Now we have over 200 servers running in Europe, Asia and North America

It’s been 12 years since that time, now we know the industry all inside out. Being one of the company founders, one of our founders is still running operational processes. And most of the employees that joined us during the first years years are still here.

Each of them has years of experience in developing, marketing and scaling new products for the website building market.

Now we’re launching uKit ICO.

You definitely visited websites that were built with our technologies. Nowadays, there are over 3.5M websites powered by our platforms, including the new one — uKit.

Websites with custom domains hardly ever reveal the CMS they use, but let the numbers speak for themselves: 80% of of the internet audience in CIS countries visit websites built with our platforms. And thanks to Portuguese and English versions we actively grew for last three years in Latin, North America and Europe.

Venture experience with DST Global. We received “smart money” from the DST Global fund, widely known as an Airbnb, Facebook and Twitter investor. Although they withdrew the funds later on, that was a good experience, and, of course, this kind of financing is still a good option in a number of cases. But we’re convinced that in the modern world crowdfunding is the “smartest” option.

We got global and profitable with uKit. Two years ago, we started a new chapter in the history of our company by launching a brand-new flagship product. Thanks to intuitive the CMS, mobile-friendly layouts, integrated marketing tools and fast technical support, uKit became a top choice for many local businesses all over the world. For example, today 10% of our customers are from North America.

We’ve already succeeded in automation of website building. Creating a website today is not a problem. Getting the most of it — that’s a challenge for many entrepreneurs. This is the reason why one and a half years ago we started a research on machine design to automatically customize layouts and increase their effectiveness.

As a part of the uKit AI R&D project, we’ve launched uKit Alt — a system that turns social media profiles into websites by using simple algorithms. Once it became a success, we continued working in this field by moving towards generative models and neural networks that’ll provide variative and effective design options for existing websites. That’s what uKit AI is about.

Not a ghost company. That’s one of the main — and verifiable — points about us. We’ve been selling IT products worldwide for years and are presented by long-established legal entities in different parts of the world. One of them is a BVI-based company Compubyte Ltd. That holds the uKit ICO.

Want to learn more and check out what the press says about us? Visit our company website https://ukit.group.

uKit ICO

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uKit ICO

Boosting website conversion with Artificial Intelligence! Designing dynamic landing pages based on crowd data: https://ico.ukit.com

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