Let’s take a closer look on the beta version of our Crypto App!

We are happy to inform you that the beta version of our Crypto App is out, and since exactly 30th of October is being tested by around 6k users. It’s available to download for both, Android and iOS platforms. Two days ago we have dropped the video, where Alexander Berkunov, our mobile software developer, presents two main features of our closed beta App. Feel free to check it out here:


However, to make this even more clear we’ve decided to write an article, in which we would like to explain, step by step, how the App works. In our Crypto App everything is new, but first and foremost, design and the idea of easy savings in cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, some concepts, like the saving mechanism of wishes and smooves, are similar to our fiat App, which has been running very successfully on the german market for over 2 years already.

We get a lot of messages from you guys, that at some point you are not sure what to do. We are happy to respond to the expectations of the market. Therefore, here it is, a written step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Registration process

At this point you only need an access to your email address, which you have decided to connect with our App. You simply enter the email, get a code, put the code into the App and you are ready to start! ;)

2. Let’s create the first wish

You start with creating a wish. You can have them as many as you like 😉 We have prepared for now five categories of wishes: car, travel, electronics, furniture.

For the sake of presentation, let’s imagine we want to save for a car. We select a category: car.

Why not a new Lambo then?

Of course, it does not cost 20.000 Euro but for two tires should be enough 😉

How much time do we need? Hmmm let’s say 25 months.

And now — SOMETHING COMPLETELY DOPE!!! We offer from now on a service that nobody has offered on the phone in such an easy way ever before. Two main goals of our Crypto App are, to save in crypto currencies, and to enable an easy exchange between crypto and fiat. Currently the App offers saving in four crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

So, we finally came to the one of the most important features in our Crypto App — creating a portfolio. What is a portfolio exactly? Well, the full amount of money we would like to invest is being divided by 4 cryptocurrencies, and that split we call the portfolio. We have two ways of creating it:

1)either the one based on our own gut — and that we call a personal portfolio,

2)or based on our AI algorithm— which we call a savedroid’s portfolio.

We know that the crypto market is hard to keep track of. Hence, our CDO Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolić and savedroid’s dev team developed an algorithm that is constantly monitoring the market and looking for the most optimal portfolio setup. If you are curious about the details, you should definitely read this article that focuses only on our AI.

Just click here — > https://bit.ly/2PMioOP

Once the portfolio is ready, we are almost set up to finally start saving!

One last thing, we have to decide when exactly the App should save for our Lambo. Rules that are used for saving we call smooves (smart moves).

For now, the rules that are available concern:

→ tweets — e.g. when Donald Trump tweets,

→ phone usage — e.g. you used your phone for less than 30 minutes per day or you took a selfie,

→ sport — e.g. if you walk more than 5 km per day,

→ weather — e.g. it was sunny during the day

You can also decide how much money you want to save using those particular smooves.

The number of smooves is unlimited. Just like the number of wishes.

Currently the beta version of the Crypto App is closed. It means that only users invited by us have the chance to try it out. The reason for it is, that at the end we want to deliver the product that will fully meet the expectations of our users.

We hope that for those who are trying out the beta version this article was helpful, and for those who does not have this opportunity yet, it was a nice sneak peek!

Have a nice day and stay tuned for more! 😉

savedroid’s Team