savedroid Bounty Program

You want to get some SVD tokens but you do not want to buy them? We have a perfect opportunity for you to just earn them! We have created a Bounty Program, in which every participant is being rewarded with the SVD tokens for complying with the rules.

savedroid has started a new post-ICO Bounty Program, in order to reward its supporters/members of community with the SVD tokens. A total bounty of 10,000,000 SVD tokens is allocated to each bounty cycle (monthly basis). The campaign will be restarted per month. Each cycle runs from 25th of the current month to the 24th of the next month. SVD Bounty tokens will be distributed in proportion to the number of participants and the sum of all stakes earned. Distribution will take place in the savedroid crypto saving app.

There are general requirements with which each participant has to comply:

First and foremost, all bounty participants are required to download the savedroid app to take part in the Bounty Program. By downloading our app, you have already earned your first 10 Bounty stakes–isn’t it awesome? :D

We have divided the bounty into small campaigns:

1. Affiliate bounty (e.g. invite friends to download the app, publish savedroid banners)

2. Bitcoin talk bounty (e.g. create content)

3. Blog bounty (e.g. write a blog article)

4. Bug bounty (e.g. report a bug found in the app)

5. Facebook bounty (e.g. create content, multiply content and so on)

6. Fan art bounty (e.g. create fun art)

7. Telegram bounty (e.g. have a profile picture with savedroid logo)

8. Twitter bounty (e.g. create, multiply content with particular hashtags)

9. YouTube bounty (e.g. create, multiply content)

The rules for each campaign are explained in details here:

What kind of advantages you’ll have from taking part in our Bounty Program?

That’s easy!

Just for simple activities you can earn a lot of SVD tokens, which then can be used for savedroid services, hodl’ed or sold. You have now the inimitable chance to enter the crypto world without investing your money. We always value the most — hard work, attitude, involvement, motivation and creativity, and for those we want to reward our community and fans! We would like to show you, that nowadays dedication and commitment can be exchanged into a real material value. It is also important to point out, that we acknowledge the support of our community, and the bounty program is our step towards you guys, to show you that we do appreciate any involvement and support of our company.

We thought that providing you with nothing more but facts is pretty boring and not that much credible, therefore, here’s an empowering story of a successful bounty participant — Diyan Chanev!

We asked Diyan to share his experience and honest thoughts. Check it out !!! Here’s what he said:

“First of all, I’m an early investor, I remember back in time that I couldn’t wait for the ICO to start so I can pay my tokens and be one step ahead of others. I really believe in the German production/products. After the ICO, I continue to believe in the project although the events around it. Most of the people forgot about what is investing and how much important is support.

When I saw that the project will provide bounty campaigns I was happy about it, not just for the tokens earned, but for the chance to promote it. In my articles and posts, you can probably feel the passion in my words. I started working as a bounty hunter for savedroid since the very start and I continue to the do it even today. That’s one of the ways I can show the world how I can write and most of all writing for a project which really deserve attention.

In the start, I had some issues with the rating of my articles and the explanation of the Bounty Manager was that I was copying from other people which was total nonsense. I started losing hope that my content will never fit into the big newsletters. Later in time when I saw that the savedroid page started to like my posts and after that retweeting them, which helped me to regain my hope and the feeling was great.

I recommend to the people not only to join their bounty campaigns but if they invest in one project, to support it not only in the good times when they have benefited, but to continue doing it even when they see no light in the tunnel. Because after all, not only the people behind the curtains should work for the success, we are also responsible and capable to take the project on a new level.

Maybe I’m not part of the team, my name is not on their site, but I feel like I’m really helping them, which is the most important thing!”

He is a really inspiring person that believes as much as we do — impossible is nothing! Thank you Diyan for this cooperation, we wish you all the best and we are looking forward to the next collab!

We highly encourage you also to visit Diyan’s twitter and his medium blog:

We hope that this article whetted your appetite to take part in our Bounty Program and awoken the inner competitor inside of you 😉

All the further info about the bounty you can find on this webpage —

Stay save!

savedroid’s Team