#SNEAKPEEK The savedroid crypto saving app — Part #1: Your wish

The international beta of our brand new crypto saving app is coming soon. The beta app will be launched in English language and will exclusively be available for our ICO token buyers only. Now, get ready to learn more about the savedroid crypto saving app even before its official release. Today, we give you a very first sneak peek of one of its core features: your wish.

With savedroid you can save up for your personal goals you want to afford in the future. Your own lambo or your desired moon. Exactly that is your wish. So, using the savedroid crypto saving app is not just about piling up a fortune. It’s all about saving up for your personal wishes, which you are aspiring to fulfill but can’t afford right now.

There are 3 simple steps to set up your wish in less than one minute:

1) What?
First, name your wish and select one of our illustrations to always keep you motivated to continue saving. You can go small and save for your new pair of hipster sneakers or you may go big and start a crypto savings plan for your new family home. Everything is possible, only the moon is the limit — at least for now.

2) How much?
Then set the amount you need to save up to afford your wish. The amount is denominated in Fiat currency as it is the prevailing means of payment. By the way, that makes it a lot easier for you as you don’t need to do the math converting Fiat to crypto and vice versa — this complex task is on us.

3) When?
Finally, select the date by when you want to fulfil your wish. And you are done! That was easy. Just as easy as savedroid’s other features will be to deliver on our mission to democratize crypto and bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.

To keep you posted on our latest product updates we have started this new #SNEAKPEEK series. Here we will provide you regular sneak peeks on our hottest new features. Stay tuned and follow our blog!