So the takeaway is “caveat emptor”.

Hello Jim! Thank you for your excellent question. Let’s have a look at how the Ethereum team handled the ether sale. If you have a look at this announcement post, their Terms and Conditions and their Product Purchase Agreement you will see how careful and thorough they were to make sure users understand what it is all about, how they really made that effort while Æternity tries to make the process as obscure as possible.

If you check out the snapshot of their website prior to the sale and compare to that of Æternity you will see a huge difference in terms of handling the event, of teams and of media coverage. Etherium is much less about hype, much more about delivery.

In case of Æternity I don’t see that kind of determination and project background that wouldn't allow them to just walk away with the money, sorry. In fact, their T&C is practically all about how likely that is to happen.

Bitcoin’s Ponzi-scheme-like approach made sure that early investors got really huge ROI, also it was guaranteed to attract attention as the first of its kind. Even in 2009 it was a no-brainer. When you hype something enough it becomes valuable, but that really depends on its novelty and potential applications in terms of representing and transferring wealth. Bitcoin was perfect for anonymous transactions and that ensured early user adoption.

Please note that all of the above is only my personal opinion, I cannot and will not take any responsibility in connection to anyone’s investment.

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