Why Snovio is a magic wand for sales and marketing, example included.

If you have a product or service to sell, or you know what you are advertising, Snovio becomes an ultimate tool in your hands. Whether you target audience is B2B/B2C business or individuals, you can easily find them with Snovio. The most important and the first-off step is to find and access your target audience — the rest is easy as pie. Snovio is here to help you with this first crucial step!

As you probably know, Snovio is a lead sourcing tool, that allows you to extract leads (contacts of potential clients) from websites, social networks and the built-in database, according to your predefined targeting. If you already have a product or service to sell, you probably know who your target audience is, so all is left is to find this exact audience and reach it.

Snovio is searching and extracting email contacts (as a primary contact method) and phone numbers of potential clients. Besides that it also extract many additional information, that adds more value to every lead, including: personalization data, geographical data, company name, company size, profile photo, phone numbers and much more.

Just think about it, really! Now you can get email contacts, names and other info from 3 different channels:

  • Websites — by domain name, or by searching for a keyword in search engines
  • Social Networks — especially Linkedin, by using built-in Linkedin Search
  • Built-in Database — a database of 400,000 contacts that is available in Snovio

In addition to these great features, Snovio allows you to verify (yes, you read it right) all the extracted leads without even leaving an interface. Isn’t it amazing? You found leads, extracted them and verified right away — all in one place!

Snovio has a free plan which makes it possible to extract 100 leads at no cost at all, including the verification. And the 1000-leads-plan costs less than $20, which means the highest price you pay per sourced lead is just 2 cents. I believe no other lead vendor can get you such a great price!

But lets put the words aside and talk numbers! Here in this article, I would like to show you how effective Snovio can be and what is the conversion funnel for a random product or service.


Let’s make a basic calculations on how much a Snovio user can earn if he sell a product or service directly from the email campaign, that is sent to leads sourced with the help of Snovio.

Product — let’s say we sell a service which costs $29/month. It’s a rather cheap price for something useful to buy directly from the email a target audience receives.

Target audience — let’s say our target audience is designers from bigger companies in USA.

Source — where we extract leads from. If we know our target audience (and we know it), we can determine that the most effective source is Linkedin, as it allows to find these specialists according to our targeting. And Snovio is the tool that will get us their email contacts, names and company names!

Let’s see the numbers:

  1. We have extracted 5000 leads from Linkedin with the help of Snovio. It costed us exactly $39!
  2. After the verification we found out that 4500 of 5000 emails are valid.
  3. We sent a personalized email message to 4500 leads.
  4. The open rate is 30% — because we used [NAME] and [COMPANY_NAME] in the subject line, and it increased the attention to the email in recipients’ inboxes.
  5. So 1350 highly-targeted people opened our email.
  6. Let’s say we have a clear, short and personalized email that offers our product/service.
  7. The CTR is 10% (because of personalization and targeting) and we generated 135 clicks.
  8. With the average conversion of 3% we generated 4 sales.
  9. 4 sales earned us $116 in monthly recurring revenue.
  10. Let’s say our LT (lifetime) is 3 months, so the LTV (lifetime value) is $116*3 = $348

We spent $39 on Snovio and earned $348. Not much, but ROI is amazing! The most beautiful thing is that the sky is limit — you can easily scale and boost your marketing and sales by sourcing more leads, sending more campaigns and increasing the price.

Hope you liked the example! Source wisely and wish you successful email campaigns!