PSA: Remember to lock your car doors at night… And keep your bikes + your kid’s bikes locked up or inside at night. Over here in Maywood, I know of at least 3 cars that were, “rummaged” through last night. Seems like they were looking for quick cash.

I found our neighbors wallet in our bushes (they made off with a whopping $8) but no credit cards or anything were taken. This was the inside of my mother in law’s car this AM and my Mauden is very neat so I knew something was amiss.

Talked to some of the neighbors who had similar experiences. Also if you don’t lock your doors and something gets stolen, your insurance probably won’t cover it.

As for the bikes. My nephew’s bike was stolen and sold in less than 72 hours.

And yes I know how easy it is to lock your car doors but sometimes people do forget. *GASP*



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