Weird is Wonderful

My friend David Rendall (wait we are friends right?? Oh jease there’s the anxiety kicking in!) likes to say,

“What makes us weird also makes us wonderful”.

So with May and “Mental Health Awareness” month coming to a close, here are two examples of what makes me weird…also makes me wonderful.

I suffer from social anxiety disorder- leaving the house sometimes take all the courage in the world!

But, I love speaking in front of crowds, coaching in front of a packed house, and being an Uber/Lyft driver when I’m not teaching.

My OCD can sometimes leave me trapped working on simple projects for hours until everything is juuuusssstttt right.

But, when it comes to putting together a project, presentation, whether it’s for work, for family, or just myself…I take great pride in the end result.


So yeah what makes me weird also makes me wonderful and the same goes for you!

Have a great and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

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