CyberX Project from my personal review

-> We have seen so many ICO coming these days with exactly the same ideas and why we buy these fucking shits ?

Firstly, I have a deep research at CyberX Project. I have to say that it’s #1 blockchain in cyber-security, they are unique now. 
Also, I have checked the market size, it is definitely a huge market that crypcurrency has not taken advantage of this fucking profitable niche ? Why ? So now CyberX Project become pioneer now in this field.

Their fundraising target is ONLY 18m$ compared to 180billions and how promising if it’s used to deal with transactions

Cyber-security is predicted to reach nearly 200 billions by 2022

Moreover, they do manage a very long term plan for their ICO, roadmap will last at least untill 2019 with outstanding plans and ideas.

You should have a look at it, I have bought with 2 BTC already

Pls, do your own reseach before investing