Authpaper Coin 2019 Sales Result, Token Burning and Listing

The second round of Authpaper Coin sales has successfully ended on 15 August. Thank you all for your support.

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In this round of token sales, we have received 13.889175566 ETH, with 0.5764587783 ETH sent as the marketing referral rewards. After deducting the network cost for running the smartcontract and querying the referral information, a total of 13.0474 ETH have been raised.
16,246.298050838154252252 AUPC have been sent via the sales smart contract.

In 2018, we have raised USD 750,000 and 0.6 ETH, where 500K were come from pre-sales, 250K from direct sales by our sales team and 0.6 ETH from the public. Combining these two rounds of sales, we have received USD 750K from the pre-sales supporters and customers, and 13.6474 ETH from the public.

The token sales are not very successful, but the project will still go on using the support we already got and the income from daily operations. There will be a short delay in the project schedule though, and the platform will be used among our supporters before the public release.

For AUPC holders, you are suggested to hold the tokens until the platform is released or spend the tokens on our services. We will release new online token service to the public on our company website (https://www.authpaper.com).

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Besides the token sales, we have launched an airdrop program to the users registered for our online services and it has also ended with the token sales together. In total, 4,850,900 AUPC have been distributed or are going to be distributed. Some of the participants have not received the tokens yet (~ 262,600 AUPC), but they will be able to get the tokens before the
end of August.

For the bounty program, since the unsold tokens will be burnt and the total token supply will hence be less than 100 million, we decided to change the bounty pool from 12M to 6M AUPC. Tokens reserved for the Youtube and Article campaigns have been greatly reduced because of unsatisfactory contents and low level of participation. These tokens will be shifted to the
signature campaign pool.
Token distribution will be divided into 4 phases. 25% will be distributed in each phase.
First phase: 1st-2nd week of September
second: end of October
third: end of November
fourth: end of December

As we promised before, the unsold tokens will be burnt after the ICO ends. There have been concerns that our management team will be holding too many tokens. Hence, we will distribute all pre-sales tokens to our supporters and burn half of the tokens originally allocated to the management team. Remaining tokens reserved for the Airdrop program will also be burnt. The burning and distribution procedures will be done in the morning on Friday, 30th August (Hong Kong time). The total burning amount is 325,132,753.701949161854747748 AUPC.

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The total supply of AUPC will reduce from 400,000,000 to 74,867,246.298050838145252252.

There are five pre-sales supporters and each of them will receive 4M AUPC. All tokens held by the pre-sales supporters and management team will not be sold until the public release of the platform. After the token burning and distributions, the expected distribution of AUPC in
September is as follows:

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We have been looking for multiple exchanges to list the token. AUPC has already been listed on Saturn Network, a decentralized exchange for ETH, ETC, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens (https://www.saturn.network/). It will also be listed on CoinLim, a Hong Kong based global digital assets exchange (https://www.coinlim.com). Deposits and trades will be opened at 10am and 4pm on 4 th September respectively.

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We are now applying for token listing on a decentralized exchange based in Korea and an international exchange. More details will be announced after the listing process has been completed.

Prohibited by the Hong Kong law, we cannot provide any guarantee to the token price or buyback. But we will work hard to boost the demand for the token and improve the reputation of the project.

Help us to tell everyone you know about this project. Let’s succeed together.

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Authpaper Delivery uses blockchain to provide a peer-to-peer platform to deliver confidential data with unforgeable delivery records. https://authpaper.io

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