Demand of Authpaper Coin and AUPC advantages over other coins

To reward the contributions of supporters and raise support, we have created an ERC-20 based coin, Authpaper Coin (AUPC) and distribute AUPC to the investors and partners in this token sale. As Authpaper Delivery platform requires a customized blockchain, the coin cannot be used directly on it.

Once the platform is ready, we will provide an offer to exchange the coins with Authpaper stamp, the currency in the platform, at a certain rate. We will also distribute Authpaper stamps regularly to AUPC holders. Moreover, token holders can spend AUPC on online services from us.

Even with the solid usage, there are still concerns on the price and demand of AUPC when it goes to exchanges. In this article, the long term demand of the Authpaper Delivery platform and hence AUPC will be discussed. With a huge demand in the future, holding AUPC will be beneficial.

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2017 Bitcoin value versus Google search interest [OC] from https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/7ldxy7/2017_bitcoin_value_versus_google_search_interest/

Who needs AUPC actually?

Authpaper Delivery is a platform for parties to delivery confidential data, especially huge data, quickly with delivery record. Based on the platform, document (and huge data) signing, circulation, distribution, and certification can be done readily.

Nearly all commercial companies, especially trading companies, will find this system very useful as they send out a lot of documents everyday. Besides, legal and accounting firms can also use this platform to send confidential documents and reports without bringing parcels of documents around. Basically, the whole market of document and small parcel courier is our primary market.

Besides, this platform can also enter the document signing and circulation market and huge data delivery market.

Authpaper Limited has been providing different kinds of software solutions to our clients, including document certifications, coupon solutions, and blockchain based membership system. We are modifying these solution into cloud based services to others. Users will also need AUPC to use the services.

How large is the market for AUPC?

Document courier is a unnoticed but huge market. In Hong Kong, everyday there are over 3 million mails sent out by Hong Kong Post, post office run by Hong Kong government, alone. On average it takes USD 1 per mail. [1] In first stage, we plan to take 0.1% of Hong Kong market. It means the need of the platform stamp is at least USD 3K everyday, or 1.095M a year.

As the platform grows more attentions and expand the market, especially the oversea markets, the need will increase exponentially. AUPC holders will receive stamps periodically and can trade AUPC for stamps. The supply of AUPC is fixed. It is easy to imagine the demand of AUPC will be huge after some years.

In 2017, SF Express (顺丰), one of the largest delivery service providers in the Greater China Region, worth around 190 billion Renminbi (RMB). UPS also worth around 110 billion US dollars (USD).

Their customers would welcome our solution as delivery is much faster and cheaper compare to physical courier, and the delivery is independent of file size.

There is not much data on the document signing and circulation market in Asia. In USA, Forrester has estimated the market of electronic document signing is over 0.5 billion US dollars and DocuSign has obtained 75% of it. DocuSign is the industry leader on electronic signature and went public on the NASDAQ on April 27, 2018. According to SEC, 2019 annual revenue of DocuSign is USD 759.1M.

Their customers will also notice our platform as we are providing the services without reading or keeping the document content. And we accept signing and circulation on only on documents, but all digital data.

Just getting 0.15% of the electronic signature market, Authpaper Delivery platform will have over USD 1M annual revenue, meaning another 1M demand on the AUPC.

With these two markets, the demand of AUPC is expected to at least 2M every year and will keep increasing.

Besides, all companies with large database, like game companies, studios, online shops, will no longer need to worry about sending their data or product with our platform. Sending huge data is a complete blue ocean.

Why AUPC, not Filecoin, not BitTorrent?

Many people would compare this project with Filecoin and BitTorrent, two very successful projects providing peer to peer data storage solutions.

This project is very different from Filecoin and BitTorrent, just like the difference between a post office and warehouse.

What Filecoin and BitTorrent doing is building a peer-to-peer online storage for users to rent some storage space. Peers gain by renting out their hard disk.

The future price of Filecoin and BitTorrent can be estimated by hard disk price. The price of solid state drive (SSD) has flowed over 50% since 2018 to now. [2] Online storage is also getting cheaper and cheaper, if not free. The data will also likely to be kept far from you, where the storage price is lowest. It means it takes a long time to download the data from network when you need it.

Authpaper Delivery, on the contrary, is building a peer-to-peer data delivery platform for users to pay for sending a data. Peers also need to assign hard disk space for the platform, but they are not gained by how much data they keep. They are gained by how much data they sent out to others.

Data delivery speed can be guaranteed as peers gain more by sending out more data.

The cost of delivery is keep increasing. In 2019, U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has announced new postage rates. Priority Mail International will see an average rate increase of 6.2% in 2019. [3] The long term price of AUPC will just increase.

Nowadays, over 90% of coins dumps, why not this one?

Coins dump because they do not have solid increase in demand. Many projects will just get stopped after coin listing, making the coin useless. Authpaper Delivery will release no matter the token sales is successful or not, because the team knows the platform will be very profitable and has raised enough resources to build it. There will be a guarantee of token flow in AUPC.

Some companies now issue security tokens (STO) to provide more confidence to investors. We believe the increase in demand on a company share will not be high, compare to the increase in demand of a platform which are helping the world, saving papers, and speeding up businesses.

The only question is whether you want to join this promising platform to benefit yourselves and society together.

[1] Chapter 5
Audit Commission
Hong Kong
27 October 2015

[2] 2019 the Year of 1TB SSDs: Prices Fall by 50% | TechPowerUp

[3] 2019 Postage Rate Increase, New US Postal Rate … — Stamps.com

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Authpaper Delivery uses blockchain to provide a peer-to-peer platform to deliver confidential data with unforgeable delivery records. https://authpaper.io

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