Free AUPC Withdraw Status and New Setup

We are distributing free Authpaper Coin (AUPC) to users who have registered our online service on

At first, people only need to register an account in the website and send us an email by their registered account in order to get free 100 AUPC to their ERC-20 compatible wallet. For the first month, it worked. We have distributed over 500K free tokens in April alone.

Problem happened on 26 April, there are suddenly many spammers sending in emails in order to get free 100 AUPC. We received 3,985 emails on 26 April alone. We are still receiving over 3,000 emails per day currently.

Among the emails, around 30% of them are spammers. They did not register any account on service, they just sent in multiple emails to us in a hope that we will send them account. For example, some spammers sent us withdraw requests using an email under, while our service needs to use Google account to register.

A typical spammer email, how can one register Google-login-only service by a email?

Some spammers do register service, but they send in a lot of emails with different addresses, in a hope to get more free AUPC.

Handling these spammers take a lot of time, in fact we are still handling the requests on 26 April, which is 10 days ago.

In order to limit the spammers and speed up the distribution, we decided to change the free AUPC withdrawal procedure and requirements effective from 7th May 2 am (GMT+8).

Procedure to get 100 free AUPC:

  1. Register and login our online service here (support Google login only):
  2. Fill in the form in the member dashboard with your ERC-20 compatible wallet address. The wallet must hold at least 0.001 ETH.
  3. Wait for around one week, we will send 100 free AUPC to that account, and send you a notification email.

We will still handle the email request sent before 7th May 2 am (GMT+8).

As there are some questions about the procedure, here I will demo the whole process step by step.

  1. Login your Google account first.

2. Open a new tab and visit this URL:

You should see a dialog box there, click OK / 確定 (depends on your browser language). If you do not see the dialog, make sure you have login Google account and refresh this page.

3. You will reach the member dashboard, fill in your address into the form and click “Withdraw AUPC”

4. Wait for around a week, we will send you a notification email on sending AUPC and you can also check it on etherscan.

Done, you have received free 100 AUPC !

Hey, I have a question. What is a ERC-20 compatible wallet address?

It is a kind of ETH wallet which also support ERC-20 tokens. For example, Trust wallet, Metamask, MyEtherWallet (MEW), ImToken, else.

There are also ETH wallet which does not support ERC-20 tokens. and any centralized exchange wallet are typical examples.

Metamask allows user to copy address by one click, which is convenient and reduces human error.

I received the email saying AUPC is distributed, but I cannot see it in my wallet. How do I know if I have really received it?

If you have received our token but it is not shown on the wallet, it is very likely you need to add custom token into your wallet. Here is the contract information:

Contract address 0x500Df47E1dF0ef06039218dCF0960253D89D6658
Symbol AUPC
Decimal 18

Take Metamask as an example, to add custom token you need to click the menu, and then add token, and then Custom Token. Input the contract address, make sure symbol and decimal are correct, and next. Then you will see your AUPC !

The procedure of adding custom tokens in other wallets is similar.

Besides checking in your wallet, you can also visit etherscan to check what ERC-20 tokens you have under your wallet address.

If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment here or ask in our Telegram group: