How to purchase AUPC, and how people benefit ETH+AUPC by the marketing referral program

Crypto market has been performing well in May. The price of ETH has increased over 66% since 30 April.

It is the best time to invest on promising project like us !

However, the smart contract based marketing referral scheme of this project is quite new to the crypto world and people may not know how to purchase token and benefit from this project. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to purchase AUPC token, and how the marketing referral program works.

Purchasing AUPC

First of all, to purchase AUPC, you need to have a ERC-20 compatible wallet with ETH there. We recommend Metamask and Trust wallet. Many people in China and Hong Kong region also uses ImToken. In this tutorial, we will use Metamask.

The steps of creating an account in Metamask are discussed in details by another writer So may I refer you to his article on how to create an account :

After creating an account, go to and register an account using the wallet address and a username you like. We will talk about referrer later in marketing referral program.

Click here to to buying coin page
Fill in your details here, we do not do KYC and we use simple captcha to prevent robot

After registration, you can login and see the purchase details. Same as registrations, we have captcha to prevent robots.

After login, you will see the purchase details, the most important one is the contract address, because that is where you are sending the ETH to for AUPC.

To purchase AUPC, open your Metamask wallet and send ETH to this address. Remember we have a minimum purchase of 0.1 ETH.

Then wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the network. It may take a long time as ETH network is quite congested this week. You can also check the transaction on etherscan

After paying ETH to the contract successfully, there will be one more transaction to send out AUPC to you by the smart contract nearly right away.

And here you have purchased AUPC to support our project !

How to get discount, and get reward in ETH and AUPC from referral program

To provide incentive of AUPC holders to promote AUPC to others in their own markets, which are out of our reach, a marketing referral program is designed.

On the landing page after login, besides the contract address there is also a referral link for you to promote this project to others.

When someone click your link and register, or input your username as referrer, they will have at least 5% discount on purchasing AUPC.

With the link, the referrer field is filled automatically

If there are two levels referral (e.g. Solon3 register with Solon2 as referral, and Solon2 is registered with Solon1 as referral), Solon3 will have 5% + 3% = 8% discount. Three levels will have 10% discount. Any additional levels will have additional 1% discount. The maximum discount is 15%.

Here is an example of registering with referral, this user has four levels referral, so he has 11% discount on purchasing AUPC

No matter you have referrer or not, the AUPC purchase step is the same. The only difference is after an user pays ETH, some ETH and AUPC are sent to the referrer as marketing reward.

Take a purchase by 1.5 ETH as an example, after an user pays out 1.5 ETH, a new transaction send the user 1630.434782608695652173 AUPC instead of 1,500, because the user has referrer.

Sending ETH to the contract
Sending out the AUPC to the purchaser. As the user has referrer, he has more AUPC due to discount, and one more query is sent to get his referrer information

The process does not end here, one more query is sent to check the referrer information and one more transaction is created. A transaction to send out marketing reward to the referrer. The first level referrer will have 10% token and 5% ether of the purchased amount as marketing reward. In this example, it is 0.075 ETH and 163.043476260869565217 AUPC.

The marketing reward is distributed on three levels. The second level will have 6% token and 3% ether, and the third level will have 4% token and 2% ether. It is important for the referrer to keep some AUPC in wallet, as the marketing reward will not distribute to account without AUPC.

This referral program provides a good way for our supporter to gain more ETH and AUPC befoer AUPC listing, and gain for their hard work to promote this project to others.

Example of sending marketing referral award to all three levels

Please be reminded that this program is to award people for their promotion effort, this is not, and will never be, a plan making anyone profits without effort. We believe people should gain by hard work, not by scamming.

In case you just want to get 5% discount on purchasing the token, you can use my username as referral: Solon1. All reward gained by this account will go back to the company.

If there is any problem, please visit our website or our telegram group

Let’s us make this project success together !

Authpaper Delivery uses blockchain to provide a peer-to-peer platform to deliver confidential data with unforgeable delivery records.

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