Previous products of Authpaper before doing ICO

Nov 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Before starting the Authpaper Delivery ICO project, Authpaper has been providing software solutions for different Hong Kong companies to solve their problems.

We started our business on providing document anti-forgery solution

The first product is a certificate issuing system for BLINK Gallery ( The aim of BLINK Gallery is to support Hong Kong artists by promoting their artworks at international art fairs and any other publicly accessible platforms. For each artwork sold from the gallery, there is a certificate with the artwork to prove that this artwork is legitimate and comes from the gallery. As the budget is limited, no physical anti-forgery protection can be added to the certificate. So it is very easy to create a fake certificate for a fake artwork to pretend it is from BLINK Gallery. Our system automatically attaches a QR code on each certificate issued by BLINK Gallery, so that when the public scans the QR code, they can read the certificate on their website. If there is no such artwork, no certificate will be shown.

A sample certificate, you may scan the QR code to view the real certificate on the gallery website

This product is also used in different events in the Chinese University of Hong Kong with customization, for example, CSCIT — Croucher Summer Course in Information Theory.

The second product is a coupon system for a company. The client company issues e-coupons to their members. The members can use the coupons to redeem services or products from partner companies. Partner companies can know whether a coupon is valid or not by scanning a QR code on it and perform redemption. All coupon redemption record are automatically stored in a database during redemption for easy reconciliations.

One special request is that the e-coupon must be printable by normal printers, yet each coupon can only be redeemed once. It is because most of the members are not familiar with e-coupon, they should trust something physical more. If there are multiple copies of the coupon, only the first one redeemed is valid. Within half day of the redemption, all partner companies must know that the coupon is no longer valid.

Why not in real time? It is because the staff may not have Internet access when scanning the coupon. It is common in Hong Kong when the partner restaurant is underground and the payment is done on the customer table instead of cashier. This situation creates the second special request on the project : Checking and redeeming the coupon should be done offline and consolidated with online database when it is connected to the Internet.

A screenshot on the app demo, we are not allow to show the client name so can only show demo

We have created a easy-to-use coupon system for them so that the client can create coupons easily via an online system, and the partner companies can use a scanner app to scan, verify and redeem a coupon offline. Once the app can connect to the Internet, the redemption record will be consolidated with online database automatically. All records are available on the online database so reconciliations between partner companies and the client are easy. It is now running under the client’s website, if we have time, we will create the same application using smart contracts.

The client can optionally add encrypt message into the coupon. We still do not understand why they need this

Besides this kinds of services, we also provide computer and smartphone data recovery and forensic services and training. Solon, CEO of Authpaper Limited, was official trainer for EnCase and Oxygen Forensic in Hong Kong in 2017 and 2018. But he left the training institute in June 2018 and put all effort on the Authpaper Delivery project.

For Blockchain related development, we start from helping clients to do the technical part of initial coin offering (ICO). We have helped a client to create website and ERC-20 token for an ICO, which is used to raise support for his video production project. We have also helped him to write the whitepaper technical parts. We have also reviewed whitepapers for several ICO projects on the system design. We helped a Chinese company to do smart contract code review and audit for his decentralized Blockchain based solar power electricity trading platform.

We also developed and integrated a Blockchain based document signing solution into a document management system for logistic companies and law firms.

Here is a demo video. In this video you can see our CEO Solon Li tried to upload and sign an account opening agreement in a video conference with remote witness. All signing records are stored in the DigiByte Blockchain.

The brands shown in the video is not Authpaper Limited. It is because this solution is developed for our client, Unissoft Technology Co. Ltd ( They have received Microsoft Inspire Awards in 2017 by this solution.

Now, we are changing our business from providing solutions to other companies to creating our own products. During the ICO, we will modify these solutions to online services, and provide to the supporters to use the Authpaper Coin. We schedule to release these services in November and December 2018. In 2019, we will develop and release Authpaper Delivery.

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