What is the benefit of purchasing and holding Authpaper Coin ?

Whenever one sees a token sales project, they mostly concern the opportunities and advantages brought from the token. Most tokens give investors a hope of price appreciation (TO THE MOON). However, over 80% of the tokens fell over 50% after getting listed.

Authpaper Limited, a Hong Kong startup, is doing token sales and the token they are selling, Authpaper Coin (AUPC), aims to provide more benefits that just price appreciations.

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As an utility token, AUPC allows their holders to enjoy many different services. AUPC holders can spend the token on Authpaper online service platform (https://authpaper.com). Currently, they are providing online document stamping service and will extend to offline document authentications, coupon solutions and other smart contract based systems after the token sales.

Besides, once Authpaper Delivery platform is out, AUPC holders will receive the platform stamps to use the platform. Different campaigns, like marketing referral program, is created to provide benefits to holders.

What are the long term benefits on holding AUPC?

The biggest benefit of having AUPC is enjoying the services provided by the platforms. Authpaper Delivery combines blockchain, BT, cryptography and other current technologies to build a peer-to-peer digital data delivery platform. All data delivered is confidential except the specified recipients. Operations on the data are properly done and recorded among the peers so that the delivery histories are public verifiable yet unforgeable. Peers are rewarded by delivering the encrypted pieces of digital data and helping to run the platform with good will. For AUPC holders, they can enjoy the platform immediately when the platform is released.

AUPC price will increase. The price of AUPC depends on the demand and supply of the AUPC. After the token sales, all unsold tokens will be burnt. The supply of the token will be greatly decreased. On the other hand, more and more services will be provided on the online service platform and Authpaper Delivery platform will be released in 2019. The demand will be increasing.

Think about Bitcoin and Ethereum. They do not based on any company, stocks or asset. Their starting price is very very small. Bitcoin worth nearly nothing in 2010, and increased to over 19,000 in 2017. The price increases with their adoption and boosting demand. As more and more companies and users adopt Authpaper Delivery platform to deliver data secretly and quickly, the same trend may happen on AUPC.

What are the short term benefits on holding AUPC?

Authpaper Limited is making different campaigns that allows AUPC holders to benefit directly for their efforts to promote the project. During token sales, there is a marketing referral program which provides Ethereum and AUPC rewards to holders who promote this platform to others.

First of all, the holder must have registered an account in authpaper.io and get a referral link. When someone click the link and register, or input holder’s username as referrer, they will have at least 5% discount on purchasing AUPC.

Based on the number of levels of referral, there will be more discounts. Maximum discount is 15%. The first three levels referrers will receive ETH and AUPC awards. The first level referrer will have 10% token and 5% ether of the purchased amount. The second level will have 6% token and 3% ether, and the third level will have 4% token and 2% ether. For details, one may read another article : https://medium.com/@icoauthpapercoin/how-to-purchase-aupc-and-how-people-benefit-eth-aupc-by-the-marketing-referral-program-9b70dcc50410

So why now is the right time to purchase the token?

It is because the demand is lowest and the supply is highest in token sales. Once the token sales has ended, the supply reduces and the demand starts increasing. The price will have an increasing trend. Also, there is discount to buy token with referral during the token sales.

For more information, please visit https://authpaper.io.