India: Your Destination for Advanced Degrees in FinTech and Blockchain

Dima Zaitsev, Head of International PR at ICOBox, responds to the news of specialized blockchain education now available in India

It has been announced today that the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Calcutta is teaming up with a training platform TalentSpirit to jointly launch an advanced program in fintech and blockchain technologies.

The new program, which is expected to attract finance and management professionals interested in deepening their knowledge of blockchain and sophisticated new financial technologies, is scheduled to start in May of this year.

There is currently a shortage of experts with thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of the field, and this presents a challenge for the banking and financial sector. Studies indicate that although many businesses may have an interest in utilizing blockchain capabilities in their operations, they are often prevented from doing so by insufficient knowledge of the technology and its far-reaching implications. The two Indian institutions are hoping to help fill this gap by educating 2,000 FinTech professionals over the next several years.

The course will be taught both in-person on the IIM Calcutta campus and via online classes delivered through the TalentSprint digital platform. TalentSprint’s ecosystem will also be used to oversee the process, assign projects to students, and keep track of their grades.

IIM and TalentSprint are following closely in the footsteps of their colleagues in China, where earlier this month the Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center was established to conduct research and demonstrate the capabilities of blockchain technology and to train experts in the field.

“This is an extremely important development,” says Dima Zaitsev, Head of International PR at ICOBox. “The market is maturing: blockchain adoption is reaching a new level with global industry giants jumping on the bandwagon. And this new, more advanced market calls for properly educated industry experts.”