This articles purpose is to highlight due diligence attributes and cyber security risks of the KYC/AML layer that Tezos has implemented for the extraction of tokens at Genesis through



Basis: The KYC/AML structure that has been implemented for users is dangerous due to it’s inherent linkages.

Users need to give the following data in the KYC/AML process:

*Passport identification.

*Selfie (picture of the user).


*Home address and location.

*Public Key Hash (this is associated with how many tezzies/coins you own).

With all this data it is extremely easy to pinpoint users with large net-worth…

DROPLEX has completely copied not only the source code but the whitepaper documentation from Quantum Resistant Ledger.


They have completely copied:

Quantum Resistant Ledger Project is the real project.

See DROPLEXES their blatant copy here:


As you can see they have edited part of the github repos to perpetuate the scam.

Thanks for reading community :) — Due diligence pack on QTUM.

Initial Source:

A very interesting couple of days for QTUM so I will chime in:

Firstly a big shoutout especially to Gleb on Bitcointalk much of this due diligence comes from him and many other community members. This will be updated continuously.


  • No code on Github :’(
  • No Escrow.
  • POS 51% distribution — 51% of coins being sold to users. …

I am back in action — seems like this is gaining traction so I have to bring the rational fundamentals back :)

Thread reference:

No clarification on dev team.

No clarification on escrow agreement.

No proof of reserves.

Bought Bitcointalk/compromised account.

No whitepaper or documentation.

Plugins don’t enable or disable hardforks — this is the most hillarious part.

Typical signature campagin to drum up hype for fallable concept.

Here is the caveat — asking to give me funds and be involved with there own personal pump and dump.

Very bad — I ask everyone to avoid.

Signed —

Just did some research in the management of this project. Alty definately has a past:

I really do not know about trusting him with a Real Estate Project.

Also anyone remember Zetacoin?

Well the graphic designer has definately worked with them before.

Testnet coins still do not receive a balance.

Apparent warehouse storage space which looks like a basement.


Thread reference:

Initial price offering is 0.00001BTC

The developer is then saying they will buy back at 0.001BTC

Price levels do not work see (Paycoin), free market always dictates the price. Price walls never work because people can buy and sell above these walls.

No escrow services.

Seemigly new exchange environment where manipulation can occur.

No mention of coin specification.

Seems generally like advertisement for a new exchange which is fine but advertising secure 1000% profits is not possible.


Thread reference:

I have asked the devs continuously for github repositories they have so far came up with nothing.



I have asked the devs who is involved with the Escrow, they have given me nothing to go on.

They seem to have been developing for a while but I think it’s all closed source code, meaning that you can be getting a clone of the orginal software.

The 1st day bonus is strange because there is no other tiered rewards and seem to be drawing people in initially.

Be cautious.

I think I could make a career out of this …..

Thread reference:

No Escrow.

No code in github repository.

Same Thread layout as Lisk.


Clear addition of Bounties to draw more people into the ICO without proof of technology.

All medium Articles are to do with the ICO and none are based around technological development.

Mention of Sidechains: Completely theoretical concept that is not even yet developed.

Generally garbled language with no scientific documentation.

As usual avoid friends.

Skype: icocountdown

Email: alex@icocountdown


Another day, another — insert here.

Another attempt at a ICO with unfeasable goals. ION Coin.

Here we go again friends.

Thread reference:

No escrow of any kind and no escrow with any conditions.

No public source to be audited.


Adam Matlack Involvement with previous scam Paycoin.





Clearly cloned software from Darkcoin(DASH) (they marked Eduffield developer of DASH and masternodes in the whitepaper.) If there is any software at all.


Shocking similarities between paycoin and this coin including

Huge pre-mine (5.9 Million out of 10.9 million supply)…


Email: / Skype: icocountdown / Twitter:

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