Well here it goes again, another project I have looked into that I find to be completely unfeasable.

I did some research into this project,

Muse still hasn’t been established yet there is no working product for this aka peertracks.

Reference: https://www.bitsharestalk.org/index.php?board=54.0


1$ stabilization or any stabilization does not work. (See paycoin)


There is no formal code (github) related with this project.

I still haven’t managed to contact the consultants with regards to this project. So be aware.

No clear definiton of the goals of the project.

Again just comments, do you own research.

This is why it hasn’t been listed on http://icocountdown.com

Again use your dilligence.

Email: alex@icocountdown.com / Skype: icocountdown / Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICOcountdown

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