Save yourself from some spam #gmail

Everyone hates email spam. Period. There is no worst sight than starting your day looking at tons of unwanted emails in your inbox, and that happened with EVERYONE and EVERYDAY.

And then Gmail happened.

If we compare available email providers there is no denying that Gmail has the best spam detection compared to others like Yahoo or Hotmail, but still you’ll see a lot of unwanted emails and promotion offers in your gmail inbox every day. Not so long ago gmail offered tabbed inbox which worked wonders for my Inbox but it still left me wanted for more. I often found unwanted promotional emails/newsletters in my primary inbox every day.

Luckily Gmail has an amazing but less known feature that you can use to make sure your inbox has more of what you actually want to see in your primary inbox.

So, let’s see how this works.

let’s say your Gmail (or Google) username is “username” (email:, you’ll receive any email sent to Add anything after your username with a + sign, and Gmail would ignore that and the send the email to you. That’s right! Why don’t you give it a try?

Ok… So What?

Here is how you can use this amazing feature. Next time you sign up on any online service (say, that you know might send a lot of promotional/spam emails sign up using an alias email like, go back to your Gmail and create a filter to archive any emails coming to, and you shall never see any promotional email from that service in your email. Isn’t that AWESOME?

That’s not all. This also helps you figure out who’s selling your personal information. Let’s say you registered on an online service (lets say with, and some day you receieve a promotional email from some other service/company sent to this email, you know for sure who’s selling your information!

What else? Read a lot of newsletters? Sign up with at all sites, go back to Gmail and create a new filter for emails sent to, attach a new label (newsletters) and Boom! All your newsletters are at one place.

There is basically NO limit on how you can use this nifty feature. And as they say

“A small change can make a big difference… to your inbox”
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