Third-Party Keyboards and How you can disable them in your iOS Apps.

Apple (not so) recently introduced use of third-party keyboard apps (YAY!!). One can install third-party keyboard apps like you install other apps on your device.

If you’re an iOS Developer this shouldn’t affect how your app works in any way, but you should be aware that these keyboard apps do track everything that user types, (mainly) to provide better text predictions and suggestions.

So if you’re asking for any sensitive information from your user, be it their health data, social security number or any unique identification number and you don’t want any of the third-party keyboards to have access to that information, Apple has made it super easy for the developers to disable use of third-party keyboard apps.

All you need to do is add the below code in your Project’s AppDelegate.swift file:

And that’s all, and user will always be presented with the default iOS keyboard for all inputs.