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FSC plans to control crypto exchanges directly. Currently, they are controlled partially with an accounts demand from the bank’s restrictions. Decision made in 2018 wasn’t popular, but the current one is certainly not.

It’s core in a cryptocurrency exchange licensing, according to renewed FATF international standards. This, according to one of the FSC managers, will multiple crypto currency transactions transparency.

E-CHAT team opinion

For the most of exchanges that haven’t got an identification of their users implemented will be hard to run a business. Moreover,each owner while making transactions will be under total control.This is contrary to one of the main abilities-cryptocurrency anonymity.

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Mass media discuss the rumors about bitcoin significant development in Zimbabwe. Fee weeks ago there was a rumor that local crypto market was offering $79k US dollars for 1 BTC. But was it true?


Local exchanges like Paxful and Coindirect are not so extremely popular. The one and only exchanger with a little activity called Cryptogem, it offers bitcoin exchanging on EcoCash and other currencies. In the end, we observe low trading activity and Zimbabweans are made to trade directly through WhatsApp and Telegram.

There are 4 big chats existing in the country where the trade is held. There’s a…

India’s strict regulation of the cryptocurrency, which includes a total ban and punishment of up to 10 years in prison, has angered the public. But is it true?

The information about the ban appeared in the network on July 15, provoking a strong reaction of the cryptocurrency owners. Unconditional measures of responsibility for buying, selling or simply owning cryptocurrency became the last straw in the cup of patience amid many months of regulatory confusion in the country.

As a reaction to many protests in social networks and media, the head of the Ministry of Finance of India said on July…

Blockchain startups have been found to receive less funding by analysts at CB Insights. BTC’s sharp rise in price this year was the culprit for that.

Blockchain-based startups have received about $784 million in investment deals over the past 7 months of this year. And if this trend continues, the amount of investment will reach $1.6 billion over the year.

Well, that’s a lot less than the results of 2018. The past year was more favorable to a range of business projects and has yielded $4.1 billion for their development. …

Libra might support a BTC market. It was told on another Seeking Alpha analysts meeting. Additional attention to this cryptocurrency will raise bitcoins’ price and support its appraisal on a global market.

BTC is a good storage for value. In a circumstances of nowaday uncertainty, most of the investors put their money into bitcoins. Bitcoin blockchain popularity as a single range chain makes it the only one worth the attention.

BitMEX are totally agree with the Seeking Alpha analysts analysis. He also thinks that Libra might crush commercial and national banks monopoly on money transfers.We’ll see what’s gonna happen later.

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The President of Cuba declared the use of the cryptocurrency for the improvement of Cuba’s economy. The authorities hope to attract funds to pay with cryptocurrency for the reforms.

There is no confirmation whether Cuba will go by Venezuela way, which has issued its own cryptocurrency or will use existing coins, such as BTC. Anyway, according to the head of state, their use will guarantee the necessary level of decentralization of the economy.

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First cryptocurrency price continues to fluctuate. According to analysts, the key to further growth will be the higher $13800 bar break.

According to bitcoins bull trend there is tremendous activity on a market. Institutional investors are interested in investments and it is a good choice for further growth.Daily trading volume according to coin market cap data is about $44547927135.

On a BTC success background altcoins also have risen up. Good tendency is shown by ETH, that have risen up to $350. Our cryptocurrency also has prospects. We hope that the bull market will support ECHT.

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Bitcoin moving averages on the 3-day chart create a bullish crossover. This is exactly as the BTC chart looked like in 2015, before the long-term bull market situation.

But we shouldn’t expect to see any rapid growth. This year, the cryptocurrency has already grown by 185 percent. Moreover, RSI indicates a possible small price rollback. The present-day goal of Bitcoin is to cross the $8400 mark. After that, progressive growth is possible in the long run.

Bull’s crossover shown on the chart is the first one since October 2015. Based on historical data, this is a strong bullish indicator. Bitcoin has moved into a protracted upward trend of 2.3 years in 2015. We are looking for the great news!

The Group of Twenty (G20) recognized that cryptocurrency-based technology could bring many benefits to the financial system and the international economy as well. Such an unexpected outcome was the result of a regular G20 meeting in Fukuoka.

The Alliance members called on the organizations responsible for the control of cryptocurrencies to pay more attention to industry development. They need to be assisted to stimulate growth in the industry.

An official press release on this issue was issued on the website of the Japanese Ministry of Finance. The press release also says that it is necessary to continue to work out measures against money laundering and terrorism financing as well.

ECHT is a cryptocurrency token of our project. It is based on Ethereum platform and trading on 14 markets. The day volume is $1 063 637 USD.

We could see several trying to push the price in this week. It had short-term effect. The price of our token was $0.0036 at the weekend. We are waiting for good news.


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