The Hidden Heroes of e-Chat: Our Top Management Team

Dear friends, we would like to introduce to you our e-Chat fueling engine room. These are the best representatives from their business spheres. It’s not a coincidence rather than a hard work to bring all the parts of our unique management together. They are experts and we would like to unveil some bits of their professionalism and share it with you.

It’s very important to make sure that our investors and partners fully understand the quality of the team backing up the e-Chat development and management. You are in hands of the best squad on Earth!

Karthik Iyer is the Head of South East Asia and a strong fintech specialist who accomplished multiple projects in the sphere of Blockchain, AI, and P2P. He is running e-Chat and Spouseup Technologies Private Limited and the founder of BlockchainMonk. Karthik is an excellent analyst and has over than 20 years of experience in startup and entrepreneurship counseling. Moreover, he is highly endorsed for solution architecture and infrastructure.

Edwin Dearborn is a CMO at e-Chat and CEO at Premiere Lead Systems. He has been professionally teaching sales & traditional marketing in the executive coaching field for over 25 years. Edwin is a well-known figure in the world digital marketing as hundreds of CEOs, CPAs, Doctors, local small business owners and entrepreneurs from the USA went through the courses run by him.

Alex Vincente is the e-Chat Canadian representative, the business development manager and the strategic growth advisor. He is currently nourishing SG Market Group alongside with e-Chat. Alex is an expert in digital marketing and SEO optimization. Alex is actively representing our project worldwide at different conferences. One of the recent ones is the Leading Conference on Decentralization (Switzerland).

Lanke Fung is a project manager and the Chinese regional manager of e-Chat. Lanke is familiar with China’s marketing spirit and is actively working in the spheres of Blockchain, the Internet, digital currency field, etc. Lanke is actively representing our project worldwide at different conferences. One of the recent ones is the Blockchain seminar in Shenzhen (China).

Vincent Veisman is the e-Chat CFO and the Israeli regional representative. He is an international financial advisor at MIG Financial Services, G Tech Media Development, and the business development director at B4U Card Solution Limited and Bank4YOU. Vincent has excellent skills in International Business Management and Operations Management.

Audrey Freiburghaus is a blockchain marketing manager and the e-Chat Switzerland regional manager. Among her main interests are consulting in the financial field, business development, market managing, and human sources.

Mishima Satoshi is the e-Chat General Representative in Japan.

Tom Budd is a marketing strategist and a blockchain advisor at e-Chat, Blockchain Velocity, Greeneum, Bibox365, and Marquee Equity. He has exceptional skills in ICO Acceleration and Venture Capital spheres.

Additionally, we would like to mention our advisors.

Jeff Marquass is an e-Chat team advisor. For over 17 years he is successfully working for different companies in Asia and really keen on Asian business ethics. Among his professional interests are business development, project, and operations management, manufacturing facility, startups, etc. Jeff is actively representing our project worldwide at different conferences. One of the recent ones is the Second Annual International Blockchain Conference (Hong Kong).

Recently, Mr Srinivasam Sridhar, the e-Chat Financial Advisor has joined the team. Mr. Sridhar has over 40 years of experience in commercial and development banking. For almost 10 year he was the Managing Director of the Central Bank of India. He is a well-known figure in the sphere of world finances. Right now he is counseling numerous start-ups and acts as a CEO of a couple of companies worldwide.

We know that our prominent team will bring e-Chat to its wide recognition among the world payment systems and first-class secured messing platforms. Driving our partners, followers, and investors to success is our top priority.