Recent Highlights — 3rd of August 2018

ICO Hot List
Aug 3, 2018 · 3 min read

Block 66 Whitelist is open. Participants are invited to sign up for the whitelist in order to join the Pre-Sale.

Block66 is developing a new breed of mortgage lending platform that leverages blockchain technology to increase transparency, streamline the deployment of capital and overcome geographical lending restrictions. Read More Here…

Hedera Hashgraph accredited crowdsale is currently open. After raising $100M, Hedera is currently conducting an accredited investor crowdsale to support the launch of the platform and accelerate development of its decentralized application ecosystem.

The Hedera hashgraph platform provides a new form of distributed consensus; a way for people who don’t know or trust each other to securely collaborate and transact online without the need for a trusted intermediary. Hedera enables and empowers developers to build an entirely new class of distributed applications never before possible.​ Read more here…

Round 2 of DREP Crowdsale is current open! This follows DREP’s succesful previous rounds, having raised 11,2M USD so far.

DREP Foundation is committed to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. Read more here…

HOT listed projects this week

Tiberius Coin: Tiberius coin allows you to benefit from the multi-trillion tech industry by securely investing in precious metals. A decentralized reputation ecosystem comprising of a public chain, a reputation-based protocol and tools for Internet platforms to leverage its power

Casper: Infrastructure of decentralized information storage.

Dataeum: The first platform linking crowdsourcing to blockchain for physical data generation

In the News this week

Coinbase Begins British Pound Support for UK Bitcoin Customers

Users at Coinbase will now be able to deposit and withdraw funds in British Pound

Bitcoin Price Retreats 2% as Crypto Market Continues Decline, $8 Billion Dropped

In the past 24 hours, the crypto market dropped $8 billion as major digital assets including Bitcoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash recorded losses in the range of two to five percent.

Ethereum blockchain will be dethroned by newer ones very soon: Binance CEO

ChangPeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance exchange feels that it is getting older and will soon be dethroned by much faster ones. He also said that Ethereum and EOS are too slow to be considered as a long term investment option.

Have a great day!

ICO Hot List Team

ICO Hot List

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