iCoin International updated white paper

We are constantly making changes and improvements to this project as feedback comes from from our community.

Recently we updated our white paper due to the fact that in the introduction there were no mentions of the sources cited. The disclaimer was adjusted and simplified in order to make it easier to understand.

Check the latest version of our white paper @

We’re always looking for ways to improve iCoin International
Tell us what you like, what you don’t like as we always love to hear from you. If you have a suggestion, found a bug, an inconsistency or think something should be removed for legal reasons drop us an email at contact@icoin.ws

iCoin International Airdrop @ https://icoin.ws
  • Total reward per 1 airdrop participant: up to 16 ICOIN [~$16] + 4 ICOIN [~$4] per referral
  • Total airdrop allocation: 250 000 ICOIN [~$250 000]
  • 6 months lock-up period
  1. Start the Telegram airdrop bot:
  2. Visit the official website:
  3. Join Telegram group and channel (4$)
  4. Follow Twitter and repost this (4$)
  5. Follow and like Facebook and repost this (4$)
  6. Follow Linkedin and repost this (4$)
  7. Follow Medium (2$)
  8. Submit your details to the bot
  9. Get a referral link and invite your friends (4$)

🆕 iCoin International IEO platform: http://bit.ly/2OTmfdM

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain-based platform iCoin International is aiming to disrupt the diamond mining industry using decentralized technology fused with artificial intelligence announces the launch of its initial exchange offering for early backers.

6th of August, 2019, Sierra Leone:, and opts to…

iCoin International at

Since they were discovered in the Indian Archipelago about 2500 years ago, diamonds have been a symbol of love and beauty, of purity and innocence… a symbol indicative of a child’s perfection in its newness; of the way we were born into the world before it all began. Would it…

iCoin International,

According to a conducted by Unilever, one in three people would prefer to buy from brands they believe to contribute positively to social and environmental impact. It’s no secret that we’re becoming increasingly conscious of how the choices we make ― and the decisions we take ―…

iCoin International,

The meteoric rise of blockchain technology has greatly contributed to the digital revolution. It is believed that the technology will someday achieve massive adoption across major sectors and it would be responsible for handling a greater part of the world’s exchange of value and information.

To some, the fact that…

iCoin (editorial team)

Investing in real diamond mining and using the proceeds to create a competitive market for iCoin International

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