BUSD is a stablecoin issued by a Swiss company, BeTreasury Asset Management. It is developed based on the underlying technology of blockchain with a 1:1 US dollar parity. BUSD strictly executes the iron law of “Assets in reserve >= BUSD in circulation”. Which means, every BUSD in the market is guaranteed to have a corresponding $1 asset stored in the custodian bank. BUSD assets are audited by independent third party accounting firms and the audit results are regularly disclosed.

Furthermore, BUSD is the very first stablecoin to develop its own mobile App which supports QR code scan for payments, receive…

The iCoinbay Community

iCoinbay is a cryptocurrency exchange made for the community!

As a crypto exchange wanting to create a name amongst all the existing crypto exchanges, it is a continued fight for existence. We continue to aim to our goals that is centered to all our community members, and that is to …


Since the launching of iCoinbay, we are grateful for the overwhelming support of all our community members that have grown together with us and have conquered the challenging times of the crypto market.

In return, we guarantee that we will continue…

In most cases, winning can only happen once, unless you are one of the luckiest person on Earth.

Here in iCoinbay, we make sure that each and every community member is born lucky!

All qualified iCoinbay members will have a chance to win rewards from this mighty give-away event.

Not just once, not just twice but … THREE TIMES! Does this sound lucky to you yet?

And here’s how much we have for you.

iCoinbay is giving away a total of 1450 DT1 tokens, valued at 110$ at current trading price for each user.

This may seem very easy, but…

iCoinbay’s Women’s Week: Because 1 Day is Not Enough

“ A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until she gets in the hot water.”

iCoinbay celebrates the power of women and one day is not enough.

It’s Women’s Week in iCoinbay! We are giving away week-long treats to all women out there.

To all crypto-women of iCoinbay, get as much as 240 FREE DT1 tokens. Join and treat yourself as you deserve it.


As a tokenized, community-based digital asset exchange, iCoinbay is committed to establishing a tokenized digital asset exchange through joint development, joint success and joint responsibility.

Through iCoinbay’s Trading Premium Gain plan, community members who acquired TPG tokens by normal trading will receive 70% of the exchange’s income every 7 days. TPG tokens will be distributed weekly as reward to the community members who hold TPG tokens.

How weekly income is calculated?

Daily at 00:00 (GMT+0) everyday, the exchange takes a snapshot of the daily transaction fees incurred by a community member over a period of an hour. …

Yahoo Finance featured iCoinbay’s growth and how it was achieved through our Trading Premium Gain Plan. Our platform’s mission and vision towards tokenizing the world, protecting the token value and a platform that encourages income sharing, made this growth possible.

We just closed 2018 and we look forward to 2019 as we continue to deliver what we aim to be as an exchange platform circulating in a token economy ecosystem.

Please check the full article of Yahoo Finance from here.

2018 was indeed a perfect start for iCoinbay. Thank you iCoinbay Nation!

About iCoinbay:

Website: https://www.icoinbay.com?promote=iCoinbay Telegram: https://t.me/icoinbayEn YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWLX5XYfF_3VUKuXRyRsFgg…

Happy 2019!!! Get your New Year Gifts from iCoinbay!

Let iCoinbay make your 2019 HAPPY!

As we look back to all the events of 2018, we are also very excited to welcome the new year!

iCoinbay had an amazing 2018 after a successful launch and gained an awesome community in the crypto-world. We are thankful and grateful for your continued support and for believing in us!

We cannot wait to start 2019! Another year of greatness, prosperity and more success to iCoinbay and most importantly, to our users.

Let’s look forward together and come join us for another journey of…

Celebrate Christmas with iCoinbay! Big rewards, big surprises!

Here comes the most important, the most awaited and the most generous holiday of the year. The season for limitless giving, sharing and spreading love!

iCoinbay wants to share these gifts to our users and to the crypto-world. We have special promotions and big rewards to give away only this holiday season.

We hope that everyone will enjoy the gifts we prepared. We encourage everyone to join us and be part of our crypto-family!

Happy Trading!


Full event details: https://icoinbay.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021144091-MERRY-CRYPTO-CHRISTMAS-ACTIVITY

We know the difficulties of getting to know something new when we are already accustomed to something we already know about.

However, although it indeed consumes time and effort, when it is better than what you are used to, spending time knowing a new thing is definitely worth it!

We are iCoinbay.

A new crypto exchange that aims to completely implement a token economy to reward the contributions of our members.

A pioneer in the world to introduce an insurance system that makes trading experience worry-free and fearless, with an insurance mechanism for our base token (TPG). It is a…


iCoinbay is a tokenized, community-based digital asset Exchange. Join our token-community! Telegram: https://t.me/icoinbayEn

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