If you are too tired with scam projects that are rampant in the cryptocurrency market and make investors irrespective of what’s true — fake. Perhaps this is the time you should consider and learn about the Staking Platform — a project that has attracted a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency community.


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Staking Platform is a service platform that allows you to deposit cryptocurrencies to increase your assets quickly, providing a comprehensive platform for investors, helping assess and provide the best options for stake and increase profits.

Staking Platform intends to launch a series of highly applicable ecosystems to meet the growing needs of investors such as Clickbuy e-commerce platform, SwitdEX internal exchange platform, platform staking new generation,… and the most important mark in this period: “Staking Platform will officially issue SKC Token through selling ITO to provide payment solutions for the project”.

By the relentless effort, the Staking Platform team always hopes to occupy the trust of investors. At the same time, bring good feeling for cryptocurrency projects, so that investors can feel secure and cooperate with us in the future. Since consolidating the market and creating a true cryptocurrency community.


This year 2020 will be a “booming” year for the Staking Platform when there are continuously take place many important events.

In July 2020, the Staking Platform continues to launch SKC Token based on the ERC 20 algorithm with outstanding speed, security, and especially high applicability. Simultaneously, it is the preparation for the sale of the ITO phase so that investors have the opportunity to own potential SKC tokens.

In August, the Staking Platform will officially open ITO and launch the first ecosystem — Clickbuy e-commerce platform that uses SKC Token to pay high-tech products. It’s great from here you can buy it anywhere, anytime with SKC Token. It is no exaggeration to say that Clickbuy is a revolution with the trend of using cryptocurrencies for payment.

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This will be an event that makes the entire crypto market lookup. Because the first time on the market, there was a project that built the ecosystem in the fundraising time. Affirming the strong position and outstanding development potential for investors.

Soon after, the Staking Platform continued to launch a decentralized SwitdEX exchange that allowed investors to exchange and trade SKC Token. One of the important factors for those who participate and use the cryptocurrency ecosystem is the exchange, however, the quality of the exchange today does not meet the request of security and liquidity, quality of a cryptocurrency,…

Quarter IV, 2020, the Staking Platform launches a third ecosystem, the Staking platform with Smart Contract technology so that investors can see the Guarantee Fund and the opportunity to receive compound interest with the SKC Token. The launch of this third ecosystem will increase the demand for SKC Token ownership many times, meaning that the value of SKC Token will certainly increase exponentially. The scarce it is, the higher the value is always the rule of all products.

It is expected that by November 2020, the SKC Token will be officially listed on the Index’s international exchange and become the token with the largest trading volume, its value may also increase many times compared to the present.


So within the last 6 months of 2020, the Staking Platform has officially released SKC Token and launched 3 more comprehensive ecosystems that no project has been done yet.

With the current development speed, the Staking Platform certainly does not stop at the current ecosystems, but in the near future, there will be many different services such as social networks, online auction exchanges, and payment for utilities, tickets, hotel online …

Therefore, owning an SKC Token now is the golden key for you to achieve your target profit soon. There are still thousands of plans to be launched to future investors, if you want to learn more about the project, please visit the following official channel:

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