ICT for WEB 3.0

Say ‘Hello’ to ICT!
ICT is a Blockchain Social Network Service Derivatives Token, based on the Social Network Service ITT.

ICT is planning to overcome limitations of WEB 2.0, and is getting ready for WEB 3.0!

Global social platforms in the WEB 2.0 period have earned billions of dollars in profits from various contents created by users. As it enters the WEB 3.0 period, service users may get compensated by getting profits or advantages based on their accounts and contents, however, there is no such a direct peer (P2P) compensation system in WEB 2.0 period. Therefore, only platform producers have a main position in centralizing all the contents produced by users and making tremendous profits in Web 2.0 period.

The ICT overcomes limitations of the existing WEB 2.0 social platforms and provides various advantages.

Within the ecosystem created though the ICT project, content producers and consumers have a role as content processors and spreaders. Content sharing services and blockchain social platforms are given the role of processing and distributing this data. This is because, with blockchain technology based on WEB 3.0, data reliability and transparency of value exchange can be secured.

More informations? Stay alert for our new updates!

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🌐 Webpage: https://icointoo.com/
📲 Twitter: https://twitter.com/token_ict
🖥 Telegram Group: https://t.me/ICTtoken




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ICT Token Official

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