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Music is a very expensive baby that should be nursed.

The monetization struggle of and the copyright issues of Grooveshark.

Music service alternatives are decreasing, only “the fittest” will survive. Although music has gone “to-go”, meaning that music that is consumed on mobile has increased considerably in the last 2 years. There's a gap for desktop users that want to discover new music radios while working or studying. has runned out of funds and consequently had to shut down. They received $1.25m on seed funding by the Javelin Venture on 2013. rose on september 2014 when users where looking for something new after the death of´s case does remind of what happened to on 2013, they also runned out of money. Turntable was considered special but was not inside the comfort zone, as they only had a desktop app and didn't go mobile.

The two music giants, Spotify and Apple Music, are leaving other music services without ways to monetize. We still have left great music services as Rhapsody, Rdio, or Pandora. Although, I do foresee that they will struggle with the numbers. Other intents of creating new cool music apps were the group of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and others with the app Tidal, that is obsessed with HQ sound.

*My predictions were right: Unfortunately, Rdio shutted down too! I do think that Spotify and Apple Music will end up having the duopole of the whole music market.

I will very well remember´s dancing avatars, they were great and made me discover new radios styles with cool people. Most of the users I knew thought the avatars were awesome, they were constantly clicking on the dancing button for the songs they enjoyed, because it was quite entertaining seeing all the avatars dance. Their gamification strategy was original, but obviously not effectively enough, the more you listened to music the more points you earned to buy new dancing avatars. avatar sketch

The goodbye note:

To all the users of plug³ We regret to inform you of this terrible news, but has shut down September 28th 2015 at 3 PDT due to funding issues. Thank you to everyone that has used plug³ and since this project started back in 2012. We, the plug³ team, will not work any further on this project unless there is a demand for it on alternate websites. For any further questions related to plug³ or if you would like your real name to be listed below or for questions about this project’s future please email TheDark1337 at 1337alexpham@gmail dot com
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We can learn from this case, that music should be multi platform so that it is enjoyed in all kind of devices, it should be inside users comfort zone. On the same hand, creating freemium and premium models may assure the company's correct functioning and gain more revenue. Gamification strategies are good to engage freemium users to become premium by customizing their appearance or features. At the end, the premium users are the ones that give the company value because of their loyalty, they should be the center of attention.

There's more information about´s shut down here:

Also for users that would want to recover their playlists go here and follow the steps:

*To the pone and plugcubed guys, my post had some erratum, my apologies (some of them were funny confusions like iTunes Play lol!). Keep helping music!