Person Smart, People Stupid.

A person can undeniably be smart.

Even brilliant. Clever, sophisticated, refined.

People are almost always stupid.

No, seriously. Groups of human beings, throughout history, have almost always ended up at the lowest common denominator. Devolving into debased mobs that burn, rape and pillage a different group of human beings…

Even single individuals that obviously have the capacity for rational independent thought that closely identify with a group become twisted and tortured by cognitive dissonance as they try and make their thoughts and words comply to the party platform, religious book, or philosophy.

A mob ( or a song for that matter, but I digress ) that devolves into chanting has already lost the argument. If a bullhorn is involved then it has lost the argument and turned off any independent thinkers that were just trying to go about their business …

There is a reason John said he did not believe in Beatles, but only in himself. Group think is dangerous. Quit your team for a few days, whether it is red or blue.

Get smart.

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