Quick Guide to Start Staking with Ledger Nano S!

Aug 26 · 2 min read

Hello ICONists.

Now that we’re ready to start staking & voting, ICONation has created a quick tutorial to guide you on how to connect your Ledger Nano S to start staking!!

Step 1. Access your Chrome Extention ICONex Wallet and click on ‘Voting’ >

Step 2. Select ‘My Status’ on the voting page and select ‘Connect to Ledger’ >

Step 3. Select the wallet you want to stake >

Step 4. Click ‘Adjust’ to select the % you want to stake >

Step 5. On your Ledger, press ‘Confirm’ as quickly as possible .. the option to confirm is displayed for only a few seconds >

Once you click ‘Complete’, you will be redirected to the ICON tracker to confirm the staked transaction >

Step 6. Now that you’ve staked your ICX, you can start voting >

Hope this quick guide has helped you.

Happy voting ICONists.

By ICONists, For ICONists.

ICONation Team


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