Merry Christmas!🎄🎁

We’ve decided to distribute your tokens this Christmas RIGHT NOW! But If you want to get your tokens you must follow some rules. We’ve added a new rule for bounty hunters👉🏼 to receive tokens you have to pay transaction fees.

The amount of transaction fees:

  1. Neluns project already raised more than 136 million dollars investments. 😲💰💵
  2. Expected price of 1 Neluns token X100 in April 2019. 💰💰💰💰💰💵💵💵
  3. Neluns is a real security token, NLS token holder will receive 50% of profit dividends…

The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

We’re on the road to progress (and money of course)! 💸💰


NLS token is officially available for trading on Bitc3 Exchange👏🏼

Listing on the Exchanges is just a small step to progressive development of financial ecosystem of the future!💫

But at the same time it’s very important!

#Neluns #ToMoon

To start trading NLS token go to 👇🏼

#Neluns An innovative financial ecosystem of the future is in the active phase of development.

Greetings to our dear investors and supporters!

Guys, we know you worry about the project. But have a little more patience and you won’t regret it.

Launching of Neluns Exchange will make it super easy to sell or buy cryptocurrencies 24/7.

The price of NLS token will rise and make us rich.💰💵💸

Keep believing in Neluns and we won’t fail you!

🚀 Let’s go to Moon with Neluns 🚀

We’ve noticed some negative activity of bounty hunters who aren’t satisfied with our bounty campaign. We won’t give any comments about this critics and haters. Neluns is the American Company and it contradicts to our policy. But we will definitely take into account all negative comments from bounty hunters when distribution begins and they won’t get NLS tokens because it brakes the rules of our bounty campaign.

Before you show off hate and write negative comments about our project turn on your brain and think about the consequences!

NLS token will be listed on small and large Exchanges this October, November and December. It will be listed on many Exchanges not only those which we mentioned in our Road Map.

We are in touch with the large Exchanges which we specified in our Road Map. We still negotiating with their representatives. They’re considering the NLS token and Neluns Project and requesting additional documents which we provide to them.

As soon as we get an additional information we will make announcement!

Thank you for your trust and support!

Join Neluns!

Have any questions? Contact our support team via Telegram. The link is below


Learn more about Neluns


Dear token holders and investors! We’ve noticed that you visit demo-version of the Neluns Bank website

Your opinion is important for us and we’re waiting for your comments about the design and architecture of the website.

We remind you that the demo-version of the website is available.

And also there are good news for you! This October you will have an opportunity to register your personal account for testing purposes. More information about that will be announced soon.

Thank you for joining us in this journey to the progress!

Join Neluns!

Have any questions? Contact our support team via Telegram. The link is below


Learn more about Neluns


💎Dear, investors!💎

❗️Asking you for attention, please❗️

The KYC procedure is started.

Download the questionnaire and the instruction for investors, please.

You will find all the information inside the files.

Go to our Telegram chat to download the questionnaire 👇🏼

We achieved the goal!!!

Neluns reached the Hard Cap! It is incredible!

The ICO is over! Congratulations, NLS token holders and investors!🎉

And thank you for your investments, your support and your trust!🤝

We’ll not fail you!🙌🏼

Sincerely yours,

Neluns Team.

The Neluns

Innovative financial ecosystem composed of 3 unique elements: a Bank, a Cryptocurrency Exchange, and an Insurance Company.

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