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Jan 20 · 2 min read

Dear Iconiq Community,

We are very pleased to announce that we have distributed the ICNQ tokens you earned by helping us build this wonderful community. There were a few technical glitches and we wanted to be extra sure you receive your tokens — hence the slight delay. We thank you for all your support and the staggering response our campaigns received and hope to continue seeing you as part of our community. Keep those new ideas and initiatives coming!

We are ecstatic to report that we have had almost 6,000 participants in our bounty campaign over the past year! Because of the high number of interest in our products and campaigns we have created a very thorough script to help with the validation and distribution of the tokens. We are aware that there have also been some bad weeds, bots and fake profiles that tried to participate in order to receive free tokens. To protect our community and the value of the ICNQ token we have identified these participants and removed them from our lists.

Please note that for Amazix bounty participants, the KYC process through Amazix or GBX was a prerequisite, while the prior airdrop and bounty campaign’s KYC was completed during the registration for the campaign. The deadline for the Amazix bounty KYC has ended and we are no longer accepting any new participants.

The bounty distribution today includes our initial bounty program participants for the round led by our team, the Amazix-led bounty participants as well as our airdrop participants (i.e. everybody).

Warm regards,

The Iconiq Holding Team

Iconic Holding

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Professional digital assets ventures, creating enterprise grade crypto asset investments https://iconicholding.com/

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